Meet Catherine Reitman Dad Filmmaker Ivan Reitman, Parents And Ethnicity

Catherine Reitman Dad parents and ethnicity

Movies and series fans are curious to learn about Catherine Reitman’s Parents. After being enchanted by her acting skills, fans now shift their attention to the Netflix comedy series Workin’ Moms star’s Ethinicity. Who Is Catherine Reitman Dad Ivan Reitman? Let’s find out.

Candian-American Actress Catherine Marcelle Reitman, also known as Catherine Reitman, became famous for her work Netflix/CBC Television comedy series Workin’ Moms. Multi-talented Reitman is the creator, executive producer, writer, and star of the series.

The Actress’s net worth is $1.3 million. She earned the majority portion of her wealth as an actress, producer, and writer. Reitman has starred in and produced several films and Series in her lifelong career.

Some of her works in the film include the 2009’s I Love You Man, 2011’s Friends with Benefits, and 2007’s Knocked Up. Similarly, she has acted in TV series, including Blackish, How I Met Your Mother, and Weeds.

Many might not know this, but Reitman was a colleague to Lake Bell, Michaela Watkins, and Alexander Payne. Also, they attended the same college.

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Meet Catherine Reitman Dad Filmmaker Ivan Reitman

Workin’ Moms star Catherine Reitman, 42, was born to Ivan Reiman and Geneviève Robert. Her dad, Ivan Reiman, was a film director, while her mother, Geneviève Robert, was an Actress.

Catherine Reitman Dad Filmmaker Ivan Reitman
Actress Catherine Reitman’s Dad, Ivan Reitman, was a Filmmaker. (Source: Variety)

Ivan Reitman was a Slovak-born Canadian director. His wife, Geneviève Robert, is a French-Canadian Actress. 

Reitman was born on 27 October 1946 in Komárno, Slovakia. Sadly, the film director passed away on 12 February 2022 in Montecito, California. He had Canadian citizenship. 

Catherine’s Father, Reitman, completed his degree at McMaster University. The man was best known for his comedy work as his projects thrived in the 1980s and 1990s.

Reitman owned The Montecito Picture Company. He founded the Company in 1998.

Likewise, he directed some of the finest films, including 1979’s Meatballs, 1981’s Stripes, Ghostbusters franchise, 1990’s Kindergarten Cop, 1988’sTwins, 1993’s Dave, and 1994’s Junior.

Similarly, Reitman has also produced films, including Space Jam, National Lampoon’s Animal House, and Private Parts. 

Catherine openly credits her late Father’s support and influence, which helped to boost her film and series career. Her Father’s work in the entertainment business became a source of inspiration for directing, acting, writing, and producing some best scenes on screen.

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Catherine Reitman Parents And Ethnicity 

Similarly, the Canadian-American Actress was born on 28 April 1981. She was born to parents who were involved in the entertainment sector. Catherine’s mother, Geneviève Robert, was a French-Canadian Actress.

Her parents were Jewish. Catherine’s Father was from a Jewish household. So, her mom later converted to Judaism. 

Catherine’s parents admitted her to Cate School. She grew up with two siblings: a brother and a sister. Her sister is Caroline Reitman, and her brother is a famous director, Jason Reitman.

Catherine Reitman family
Catherine Reitman’s family is involved in the entertainment sector. (Source: Broadway World)

Beautiful Canadian-American Actress Catherine has maintained a reputation in the entertainment sector, delivering an impressive range of blockbuster films.

Speaking of their Reitman family’s ethnical race, her parents, Geneviève Robert, is French-Canadian, while Ivan Reitman is Slovak-born. He later moved to Canada and raised his kids. 

Her parents come from a diverse ethnic culture; her mother’s ancestry was French and later Jewish after marriage. 

Reitman’s parents have undoubtedly impacted her life by shaping her perspectives and experiences in the film industry. Also,  her rich ethnic background became a testament to her diversified roles.

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