Steve Wymer Ebay Stalking Scandal – What Happened? Case Details – Is He Arrested?

Steve Wymer

As senior vice president and chief communications officer, Steve Wymer joined eBay in 2019. The eBay stalking scandal has been one of the most-searched topics lately.

The eBay stalking scandal was a 2019 operation run by eBay staff members and freelancers.
Two e-commerce bloggers, Ina and David Steiner, who frequently provided criticism about eBay on their website EcommerceBytes, were the targets of a scandal involving their persistent surveillance.
Seven employees were accused of participating in criminal plots and pleaded guilty. Two members of eBay’s executive leadership team were among the defendants.
The Steiners received delivery of items including a gory pig mask, live cockroaches and spiders, a funeral wreath, enormous boxes of pizza, and other threats and harassment both online and in person at their house.

Steve Wymer Ebay Stalking Scandal – What Happened?

Everyone wonders about the recent topic of the eBay stalking scandal, as it has created news headlines all over the media.

Ina Steiner claimed that she and her husband had brought a civil lawsuit against eBay, former CEO Devin Wenig, and former Chief Communications Officer Steve Wymer following the conviction of Harville and Baugh on eCommerceBytes.

The couple claimed that the two men were orchestrating the actions of Harville, Baugh, and their accomplices.

eBay Stalking Scandal
Ebay’s ex-PR boss reportedly told former CEO Devin Wenig ‘we are going to crush’ the woman targeted in the bizarre pig fetus and porn harassment allegations (Source: Business Insider)

In particular, the Stiners sued individuals implicated under the RICO statute (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations).

Defendants Wenig and Wymer gave the other defendants complete discretion to stop the Steiners’ reporting by any means necessary.
The Steiners are asking for financial compensation from eBay for the persecution they have endured for years; the precise sum will be decided at trial.

Since the action was filed, there has been a

frenzy of activity, including many attempts by eBay to have the case dismissed and numerous requests for extending filing deadlines. No scheduled trial date exists.

what happened to steve wymer? find out

eBay’s senior vice president and chief communications officer are Steve Wymer. In February 2019, Wymer began working at eBay. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Steve currently oversees the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley after being dismissed for cause by eBay.

Steve Wymer
Natick couple sues eBay, company officials for harassment campaign of terror and threats (Source: MetroWest Dailey News)
He claims that his communications were misrepresented and that he only discovered the workers’ behavior after the event.
Devin Wenig, the former CEO, expressed his outrage about what transpired in a statement to 60 Minutes, saying that if he had known about it at the time, he would have put a stop to it.
In September 2019, Wenig, the former CEO of eBay, left the company with a $57 million separation payout.

Steve wymer Case Details – Is He Arrested?

The Department of Justice filed charges against six eBay employees earlier this week in relation to an alleged 2019 cyberstalking campaign against business critics.

These critics are said to have received anonymous packages in 2019 that included a bloody pig Halloween mask and a book on surviving the loss of a spouse.

According to sources, former CEO Devin Wenig and former head of public relations Steven Wymer are the two executives charged in the federal case.
Steve Wymer
“Take Her Down”: Inside eBay’s Stalking Campaign against a Natick Couple (Source: Boston Magazine)
When it was established more than 20 years ago, the online auction website eBay helped to usher in the e-commerce revolution.
It has attracted 132 million users over the years, ranging from mom-and-pop collectors looking for deals to small company owners.
However, Steve Wymer’s arrest has not been made public, and as per authorities, the eBay investigation is in process.
Ina and David Steiner were living a calm life in Natick, Massachusetts, a charming Boston suburb, until the summer of 2019.
They operate the news website EcommerceBytes. Ina conducts the reporting while David takes care of the business end of things.

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