Who Is Sonia Rios, Sergio Andrade Pareja? Married Life And Kids

Sergio Andrade Pareja

Who Is Sergio Andrade Pareja? Sergio Andrade was arrested in Brazil for kidnapping, raping, and corrupting minors in 1999.

The jury released Mr. Andrade in 2007, but the allegations continue to follow him.

Sergio Gustavo Andrade was born in Coatzacoalos, Veracruz. He has held various roles in the entertainment industry including singer, pianist, composer, writer, and many more.

However, the multifaceted artist faced serious legal trouble alongside singer Golia Trevi. After a lengthy search by Interpol, both were arrested in Brazil.

In Andrade musical career, he achieved success. He has won multiple awards at national and international song festivals such as OTI Mexico.

Also, Sergio made a name for himself as a composer and producer. He has earned gold and platinum records for his work with artists like Lucero, Yuri, Crystal, and Maria Jose.

Besides his musical achievements, Andrade ventured into filmmaking. He directed movies like “Old Shoes”  and “The Potato Without Ketchup”.

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Who Is Sonia Rios, Sergio Andrade Pareja?

Sergio Andrade Pareja Sonia Rios has largely remained out of the public eye. There are no details about her current whereabouts and activities.

Sergio Andrade’s relationship with Sonia Rios started in 1993. The lovebirds eventually got married in 1997.

During their time together, the couple had two daughters. Their daughters are Sophia Andrade and Antonia Andrade.

However, rumors suggest they may have had another son whom they entrusted to Eduardo Andrade, Sergio’s Brother.

Sergio Andrade Pareja
Sergio Andrade was married to Sonia Rios in 1997. (Source: Grafico)

These rumors though lack concrete confirmation. Sonia Rios, Sergio Andrade Pareja is a private person and maintains her privacy, especially considering Legal issues related to Sergio.

In such cases, individuals may choose to keep their distance from the media and public attention to protect their personal lives and the privacy of their children.

As a result, there may be limited available information about Sonia Rios and her life after marriage to Sergio Andrade.

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Sergio Andrade Married Life

Sergio Andrade has been married four times. His first marriage was to Guadalupe Casillas in 1981 followed by Maria Raquenel Portillo in 1985.

Moreover, he married Aline Hernandez from 1990 to 1992. The duo separated due to personal and unexplained reasons.

Then in 1997, Sergio Andarde married Sonia Rios. He had two daughters with Sonia Rios. He is also known to have been romantically involved with various women.

Sergio Andrade pareja
Sergio Andrade has been surrounded by legal issues with Gloria Trevi. (Source: Twitter)

He is rumored to be associated with Lucia Nerea, Cecilia Gabriela, and others. There were rumors about a relationship with Lucerito during their professional collaboration.

His relationship with Lucerito reportedly ended when Lucero’s mother intervened due to concerns about Andrade’s behavior.

Sergio Andrade traveled extensively with a group of girlfriends. He visited countries like Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil with them.

These relationships were marked by love and companionship.

There were rumors about allegations of abuse, harassment, and corruption of minors started to surface in the media during this time.

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Sergio Andrade Kids

Sergio Andrade has eight kids. One of them is Ana Dala, his daughter with Gloria Trevi. He also has Valentina and Milton with Karla de la Cuesta.

Moreover, He had Maria Miel with Wendy Castello and Francisco Ariel with Karina Yapor. Sergio Andrade had Victor Isaac with his relationship with Marlene Calderon.

Additionally, he has two daughters Antoni and Sofia with Sonia Rivers.

Sergio’s relationship with his children has been surrounded by controversy and legal issues, particularly with Gloria Trevi.

Ana Dalai, Sergio’s daughter with Gloria tragically passed away under mysterious circumstances. Moreover, the exact cause of her death remains undisclosed.

The situation has brought significant challenges and complexities to Sergio Andrade’s family life and relationships with his children.

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