Jorja Smith Weight Loss Before And After Pictures

Jorja Smith Weight Loss

Talented artist Jorja Smith weight loss and gain are topics of interest among the netizens. Jorja Smith is an English singer-songwriter who has collaborated with artists such as Drake, Stormzy, Kali Uchis, and others.

The talented performer is the 2018 Brit Critics’ Choice Award winner. Her live performances involve the 2018 Brit Awards and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivals.

Her debut studio album, Lost & Found, got tremendous praise in 2018 and reached number three on the UK Albums Chart.

Smith additionally received the Brit Critics’ Choice Award that year. She was voted Best British Female Artist at the Brit Awards in 2019 and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

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Jorja Smith Weight Loss 

Jorja Smith’s weight loss journey is a personal decision, and she has the right to choose the body she feels comfortable in.

Despite Jorga not being overweight, reports claim she’s added 50 pounds. Internet trolls quickly judge and now question why she allowed herself to change to such an extent.

Jorja Smith Weight Loss
Singer Jorja Smith has gained some weight. (Image source: Facebook)

They want her to maintain her bony figure regardless of what she’s going through. They want her to get her body back on track before she becomes a laughingstock, just like the big folks they routinely mock.

Only a few years ago, British singer-songwriter Smith was viewed as a beauty and body goal for millions of women worldwide. That has all changed since the singer gained roughly 50 pounds.

Folks on Twitter are calling her fat, but it’s not fair. Jorja still looks excellent, in our opinion, and her confidence shines through.

Weight variations are a natural part of life, and Jorja Smith, like anyone else, has the right to embrace her body as she sees fit without judgment.

Jorja Smith Before and After Photos

It all started when her new photos leaked, causing admirers to worry over Jorja’s weight gain, when many started to compare her before and after photos.

On October 6, Twitter user @ibzsmo3k tweeted a short clip of the 26-year-old singer performing Be Honest from her debut album Los & Found, released in 2018.

Celebrities are frequently expected to live up to society’s standards. This is one of the most prevalent reasons why people troll them. Jorja Smith is currently dealing with the same issue with her body.

Jorja Smith Weight Loss
Jorja Smith’s photo before her weight gain. (Image source: Twitter)

The person asked what happened to Jorja in the caption, which her followers interpreted as body shaming.

TikTok user @riri26674 posted the original video on the same day and included a subtext praising the English singer.

While some people left harsh comments under the TikTok video, the post on X went viral overnight, garnering over 16.7 million views and over 7k reports. The majority of Jorja’s fans swarmed to the post to protect her.

Is Jorja Smith pregnant?

Jorja Smith’s pregnancy has been the subject of speculation. The rumors began when she was seen with Burna Boy at a concert. People there observed that her belly was more significant than usual.

Shortly after, the star shared a photo of herself holding her stomach. Social media users were soon given a new focus.

Jorja Smith Weight
People noticed Jorja Smith’s belly is more significant than in the past. (Image source: Facebook)

Trolls frequently remarked on her unproven pregnancy. But that occurrence was also inaccurate.

Despite these circumstances, the vocalist of Lost & Found never appeared in public to clear up the issue.

Jorja’s weight gain is not a new issue that has surfaced on social media. It’s been a while since a Grammy Award nominee has faced such body-shaming comments.

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