Singer Iniko Real Name Wikipedia Bio Age And Instagram

Iniko Real Name

Everyone wants to know about Iniko Real, a talented composer and musician from Los Angeles. They started playing the piano and guitar at an early age, which ignited their passion for music.

They/them pronouns are used by Iniko, an Afro-Jamaican performer who identifies as nonbinary.

INIKO is also a well-liked live performer who has appeared in many places all over the US. Popular music artist Iniko is best known for the songs “Caught a Body,” “Pinocchio,” and “Motion.” They are well-liked on TikTok, with over 2 million dedicated fans.

INIKO is a skilled live performer. They have played at several locations across the US, including well-known bars like SOB’s in New York City.

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Singer Iniko Real Name

There is little information about the singer’s real name. But, given that they stated in one of their Instagram posts that their mother had given them the name “Iniko” and that they adored it because it is a unisex name, it is possible that Iniko alone is their actual name. 

Jamaican singer has disclosed their father’s rather surprising reaction after they told him they were no longer “gender-specific.”

On Tuesday, January 10, the ‘King of Affirmation’ singer tweeted to express their father’s sentiment, and the post has since received more than a million views.

Iniko claims their 60-year-old father was strangely accepting of their new gender identity and even expressed gratitude for having a child whose life goes beyond this world.

However, a Twitter user or a fan speculated that her father may have been under the effect of alcohol when he made a claim, but Iniko insisted that her father does not drink.

Singer Iniko Wikipedia Bio and Age

INIKO was born on October 26, 1996.  As of 2023, they will be 27 years old in October. According to the source, when the singer was young, they were drawn to music and began taking classes.

The Republik in Honolulu hosted an event over the weekend where New York City-based artist Iniko gave an amazing show.

The pronouns they/them are used by Iniko, an Afro-Jamaican nonbinary performer. Regarding their family matters, Iniko has kept their privacy.

On social media, their songs began to gain popularity. R&B, rock, and reggae all appear in their music.

Even though Iniko has always been involved with music, they only started treating it seriously in 2017 when their vocal coach sister started teaching them.

Iniko Real Name
Iniko when they were young( Source: Instagram)

As part of its Pride N Seek celebration of LGBT History Month, local event planning company Black Bazaar HNL asked Iniko to perform.

In 2020, the group started organizing Black-specific activities in Hawaii. Instead of her normal team, Iniko played with local musicians as their backup band and gave a moving performance.

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Iniko Instagram

The singer’s Instagram name is @in.iko, and he is followed by One Million people. They mainly post about their work.

Their YouTube goes by @Iniko and is followed by 259k followers. 10.4k followers follow their Twitter account @1N1KO. Their TikTok account, @in.iko has over 2.7 Million followers.

On TikTok, their single “The King’s Affirmation,” which reflected their artistic development, went viral. They are presently engaged in a new project that reflects their experiences, those of others, and both of their journeys.

Iniko singing on the stage( Source: Instagram)

There are five upcoming concerts for the singer presently touring one country. Following that, they will perform at Resident in Los Angeles before continuing their show at Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco.

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