Simone Biles Gay Rumors: Husband Jonathan Owens And Children

Simone Biles Gay

Simone Biles, the sensational gymnast, has sparked intrigue with rumors surrounding her sexuality, adding intrigue to her already fascinating journey.

Simone Arianne Biles Owen is a renowned gymnast with numerous achievements. She has won seven Olympic gymnastics medals, tying with Shannon Miller for the most by a U.S gymnast.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Simone claimed individual gold medals in the all-around, vault, and floor exercises, alongside team gold with the “Final Five” U.S. team.

However, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, despite being favored for multiple golds, Biles withdrew from most events due to experiencing “the twisties,” a temporary loss of air awareness during twists, but still a silver and bronze medal.

Owens has an impressive record as a six-time World all-around Champion and World Vault champion.

Also, Simone has clinched numerous titles and contributed to several gold-winning American teams at the World Championships.

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Simone Biles Gay Rumors

Simone Biles’s gay rumors are gaining significant attention. It is important to note that the athlete herself has not openly discussed her sexuality.

Simone Biles Gay
Simone Biles is a happily married woman. (Source: Instagram)

In sports, rumors about athlete’s personal lives are not uncommon, but it is essential to respect their privacy until they choose to share such information.

While the gymnast has not confirmed her sexual orientation, it is worth mentioning that she has been in a serious relationship as of now.

Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid assumptions and allow individuals to share their personal experiences in their own time and on their terms.

While Simone Biles gay rumors may circulate, she has not revealed her sexual orientation publicly.

Speculation about athletes’ personal lives should be approached with sensitivity and respect for their privacy.

Moreover, focusing on her career development is essential rather than on things that are not her life’s primary goal or highlight.

Owens’s career and gymnast portfolio have shown people her remarkable journey in the sports arena.

Simone Biles Husband Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles married Jonathan Owens in April 2023. They met on a dating app before the pandemic. 

Simone Biles Gay
Simone Biles with her husband. (Source: Instagram)

Jonathan is an NFL safety, and Simone is a famous gymnast. The two fell in love quickly and got engaged in February 2022.

The couple often shares their love on social media. They enjoy spending time together, going on vacations, and supporting each other’s careers.

Recently, there was some talk about their relationship. Jonathan mentioned in an interview that he did not know who Simone was when they started talking.

This surprised some people because Simone is very famous. Some fans thought Owens’s comments were disrespectful to the athlete.

Nontheless, the pair seem happy together and often post sweet messages to each other online.

Despite the chatter, Simone and Jonathan remain focused on their love for each other. They got married in a beautiful ceremony in Mexico.

Simone Biles Children

Simone Biles, the accomplished gymnast, shares a loving marriage with Jonathan Owens, an NFL safety.

Despite their current focus on their careers and each other, they may consider starting a family.

However, as of now, there is no indication or evidence to suggest that they have children.

Also, the pro takes great pride in her role as an aunt to her niece, Ronni Biles. She frequently shares moments with Ronni on social media, showing their special bond.

While Ronni is not Simone’s child, she cherishes their relationship dearly.

The possibility of having children of their own is something that the lovebird might discuss and plan for in the future.

Like many couples, they may have their timeline and considerations for expanding their family.

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