Shootergang VJ Rapper Wikipedia Age, Real Name And Family

Shootergang VJ

Shootergang VJ Rapper unfortunately died in Texas, leaving all his fans in shock. The cause of his passing remains unclear, leaving many questions unanswered.

Shootergang VJ rapper was an up-and-coming music artist known for his strong presence on Instagram. Also, He has over nine thousand followers on his Instagram.

VJ had many followers and shared his music on platforms like Apple Music. Moreover, he had popular songs like “Who They Ask About ” and On My Knuckles.”

Unfortunately, he passed away in Texas, which came as shocking news to his fans. People on Reddit were talking about his death, too.

It is a sad loss for the music world as he was a rising star known for his authentic and skillful music. his music and the way he connected with people had a significant impact on the music industry.

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Shootergang VJ Rapper Wikipedia: Shot To death

Shootergang VJ rapper, a music artist, hails from Oak Park, United States. He has been making waves on the popular music platform Soundcloud.

Shootergang VJ
Shootergang VJ was a hardworking and dedicated rapper from Oak Park. (Source: Latest Bolly Holly)

The rising star had been actively sharing his work with the world. Moreover, several of his tracks gained significant attention and engagement from listeners.

Among his notable songs are “Stuck With Me,” Bag Race, “Get Up,” and many more. These tracks collectively accumulated thousands of plays.

His career success reflected the growing interest in ShooterGnag VJ’s music. In addition to his tracks, The rapper released an album titled “Fuck Em We Ball” in 2023.

His recent track signified his dedication and commitment to his craft and ambition as an artist. His presence on SoundCloud is steadily growing.

He had 1,176 followers and a catalog of 82 tracks. It suggests that Shooter Gang was emerging as a promising artist in the Online music scene.

Furthermore, The artist’s music resonated with a growing audience of music enthusiasts. The people exceptionally hyped his music.

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Shootergang VJ Rapper Age And Real Name

According to his Twitter profile, the musician’s birthdate is June 13, 1998. He was 25 years old as of 2023.

VJ was an exceptional talent gone too soon. He made his name in rap and music with creativity and authenticity.

Despite being famous for his works and music, The American rapper appeared to have not mentioned his real name on any platform.

It is important to respect an individual’s decision. The singer wanted the world to know him by his stage name and work.

Apart from his musical journey, The Star was hardworking and dedicated. His efforts are evident in his tracks and albums.

Additionally, the Icon shared a glimpse of his life here and there on social media. He was a private person who wanted respect for his personal life.

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Shootergang VJ Family

Shootergang VJ was like any other celebrity who preferred to keep his life away from social media. He wanted his loved ones to stay away from the public eye.

Shootergang VJ
Shootergang VJ was the loving father of his daughter. (Source: Instagram)

VJ never mentioned his family in any of the media. He always let his music talk to teh world through his melodies and lyrics.

Nevertheless, On September 16, 2023, Vj shared a cute picture on his instagram. It suggests he had a daughter, as mentioned in a post celebrating her birthday.

The post expresses deep love and appreciation for his daughter and her transformative impact on the American rapper’s life.

While not much is mentioned about his family members on his social media, it highlights VJ’s role as a father, emphasizing teh importance of his daughter in his life.

The messages and comments from friends and family also reflect the sense of community and support surrounding the American Singer.

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