Shawn Barber Family And parents: Father George And Mother Ann

Shawn Barber Family

The Shawn Barber family and parents, George and Ann, are devastated by the loss of their cherished son, leading them into a period of profound grief.

Shawnacy Campbell Barber, a distinguished Canadian track and field athlete, left an indelible mark on athletics through his exceptional prowess in the pole vault.

Tragically, his promising journey was curtailed at 29, when he succumbed to medical complications after a period of challenging health.

A world champion at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics with a towering 5.90 meters, the track and field athlete also clinched the Pan American Games title in 2015, reaching 5.80 meters.

His consistency shone with a bronze at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Barber, a renowned track and field athlete, set a national record in 2015 with a 5.93-meter outdoor jump and the NCAA Collegiate Indoor Record at 5.91 meters.

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Shawn Barber Family

Shawnacy “Shawn” Barber was born on May 27, 1994, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to parents George and Ann Barber.

The Canadian track and field athlete’s father, George, came from humble beginnings in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada, before moving to El Paso, Texas, in his youth.

This unique blend of Canadian and American lineage granted Shawn dual citizenship.

However, George’s impact extended far beyond the legal technicality of a passport.

He introduced his son to the sport of pole vaulting that would come to define his son’s path.

Shawn Barber Family
Shawn Barber, a 29-year-old Olympian and world champion athlete who publicly disclosed his gay identity, has passed away. (Source: OutSports)

George saw potential in the young track and field athlete’s athleticism and work ethic early on, coaching him through his formative years.

Together, the barbermen poured sweat and passion into perfecting the craft outside their New Mexico home.

George imparted mental toughness and perseverance to meet each new height.

From these father-son training sessions emerged a champion driven by family support.

When the athlete etched his name into pole vaulting history books, he carried his father’s legacy and teachings with him. Though talent propelled the pole, his family roots gave him wings.

Shawn Barber Parents: Father George and Mother Ann

Shawn Barber’s upbringing unfolded against the backdrop of a family dynamic that underwent changes during his formative years.

His parents, George and Ann Barber, navigated the challenges of their relationship, leading to their divorce when Shawn was just 10 years old.

Following the separation, the pole Vaulter moved with his mother to New Caney, Texas, while his father George maintained ties to Canada.

Shawn Barber Family
The unexpected demise of Shawn Barber has plunged his family and friends into profound sorrow. (Source: Facebook)

Despite the geographical distance, Baber maintained a connection with both the Toronto area and the United States.

Completing his education at Kingwood Park High School in Houston stands as evidence of the varied influences that played a role in shaping his identity.

Even as he embarked on an international athletic career, the athlete continued to acknowledge Toronto as his hometown, reflecting the dual cultural influences that defined his background.

Shawn Barber Obituary

Shawnacy Barber’s journey in track and field reached its zenith with remarkable achievements.

These included his gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto and a triumphant performance at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing the same year.

The track and field athlete’s Canadian record-setting pole vault of 6 meters in January 2016 underscored his prowess in the sport.

Tragically, on January 17, 2024, at the age of 29, Shawn Barber passed away at his home in Kingwood, Texas.

The cause of death was attributed to “medical complications” following a period of prolonged ill health.

His untimely demise marked the end of a promising career and left the global athletic community in mourning.

A notable chapter in Barber’s life was his collegiate journey as a member of the University of Akron’s track and field team, where he emerged as a three-time NCAA championship winner.

Shawn Barber Family
Shawn Barber passed away from medical complications at his home in Kingwood, Texas, following a period of ill health. (Source: Athletics Weekly)

The university expressed its condolences, describing Barber not only as an exceptional athlete but also as a well-liked teammate and competitor.

His impact on and off the field was acknowledged, emphasizing his selfless and compassionate nature.

The track and field athlete’s Olympic debut in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games added another milestone to his career, reaching the final in a competition ultimately won by Thiago Braz of Brazil.

His best vault of 6 meters, a Canadian record, remains a testament to his skill and dedication.

Survived by his brother David, mother Ann, and father George, Shawnacy Campbell Barber’s legacy extends beyond his athletic achievements.

He leaves behind a poignant story of resilience, determination, and the indomitable spirit that defined his journey in the world of pole vaulting.

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