David Hannah Death News Real Or Hoax? Missing Case Update

David Hannah

The recent identification of human remains found in Lake Ontario has reignited the headlines surrounding  David Hannah Death, a prison guard who vanished over forty years ago. Continue reading for further information on the missing case and the recent update.

David Hannah was a prison guard who vanished under mysterious circumstances over forty years ago.

At the time of his disappearance, he worked as a prison guard at the Millhaven Maximum Security Penitentiary, adding an intriguing aspect to his case.

The news of his remains being discovered has recently surfaced, reigniting public interest in this long-standing mystery. 

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David Hannah Death News Real Or Hoax?

The discovery of the submerged vehicle and the subsequent identification of the remains has put to rest any doubts about the fate of the prison guard.

For years, speculations and rumors circulated, leaving uncertainty in investigators’ minds and the public’s minds.

Now, with the confirmation by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), it is clear that David Hannah death and disappearance were not hoaxes.

While the identification of the remains is a significant breakthrough, the investigation into his disappearance and the circumstances surrounding his death continues.

David Hannah Death
Crews work to recover a vehicle and human remains from Lake Ontario on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. (Source: Kinstonist)

In collaboration with the Office of the Chief Coroner and the Center for Forensic Sciences, the OPP is actively working to uncover the truth behind this long-standing mystery.

Authorities have called upon the public for any information that could shed light on the events leading to Hannah’s disappearance and subsequent death.

They urge anyone with relevant information to come forward and contact the OPP or Crime Stoppers.

david Hannah Missing case update – was he found dead?

The prison guard at the Millhaven Maximum Security Penitentiary was last seen in Kingston on January 4, 1983. At the time of his disappearance, his blue Oldsmobile Delta 88 vehicle had not been located.

Despite extensive ground and air searches conducted by the police in the years following his disappearance, no trace of him was found.

In an unexpected turn of events, divers searching for a separate submerged vehicle stumbled upon his car in January.

Covered in debris and hidden beneath the depths of Lake Ontario, the car had been submerged for a significant period of time. However, it was not until early May that a barge was able to retrieve the vehicle and its contents.

Det.-Const. Shannon Cork, who was involved in the search, described the condition of the car and its surroundings, highlighting the significant amount of time that had passed since Hannah’s disappearance.

The discovery of the human remains inside the vehicle prompted further investigation by the OPP, the Office of the Chief Coroner, and the Center for Forensic Sciences.

David Hannah
The OPP says human remains found in Lake Ontario have been identified as those of David Hannah. (Source: Yahoo!movies)

According to news clippings from the Kingston Whig-Standard, additional information regarding David’s disappearance has emerged, although the details in the articles sometimes conflict.

In a story from January 1984, it was reported that the police conducted extensive ground and air searches but were unable to find any trace of the missing person.

The article also mentioned that he was living with a woman in Amherstview at the time of his disappearance.

However, a piece published in the newspaper about twelve years later contradicts this information. An article from January 1996, which appeared in the Crime Stoppers section of the Whig-Standard, states that he lived alone in the nearby hamlet of Millhaven.

David Hannah Family

The identification of the remains as those of Hannah brings closure to his family, who have endured over four decades of uncertainty and unanswered questions.

The emotional toll of his disappearance has lingered, and the confirmation of his death will undoubtedly bring a mix of relief and grief.

David Hannah
Divers prepare to recover a vehicle and human remains from Lake Ontario near Kingston’s western border. (Source: Yahoo!movies)

While there is currently no information available about David’s surviving family members, it is clear that losing a loved one under such mysterious circumstances is mentally and physically difficult.

The uncertainty and anxiety that come with not knowing what happened to a family member can take a heavy toll on those left behind, and the news of his death will no doubt come as a shock.

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