Shannon Woodward Lesbian Rumor Is True, Partner And Dating History

Shannon Woodward Lesbian

The question “Is Shannon Woodward Lesbian?” has been quite searched by her fans recently. Please read this article to know all about it.

Shannon Woodward is an American actress who has gained recognition in various notable projects for her portrayals.

She is most celebrated for her performances as Sabrina Collins in the FOX sitcom Raising Hope (2010–2014).

Elsie Hughes in the HBO science-fiction thriller series Westworld (2016–2018), and for lending her voice and motion capture talents to the character Dina in the video game The Last of Us Part II.

The actress was even honored with a nomination for the prestigious BAFTA Award in the category of Performer in a Supporting Role for voicing in the video game The Last of Us Part II.

Initially, she debuted on-screen acting in 1991 with the role of Missy on Nickelodeon’s television series Clarissa Explains It All, where she appeared intermittently throughout the show.

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Shannon Woodward Lesbian Rumor Is True

The Raising Hope actor has attracted media attention on multiple occasions due to her personal life and relationships.

In addition to her acting career, Shannon’s romantic life has consistently captured public interest.

However, on February 25, 2021, she made a significant announcement on her Twitter account, revealing that she identifies as a part of queer.

Shannon Woodward Lesbian
Shannon Woodward identifies as a part of queer. (Source: Twitter)

In her tweet, she expressed that she had never intended to conceal her “queerness” and that it was not something she wanted to keep hidden.

Nevertheless, speculation about her sexuality had already arisen among her fans, who assumed she might identify as a lesbian.

However, the actress has now personally addressed and confirmed her sexual orientation, clearing any remaining doubts.

Repeatedly, she has shared posts discussing topics related to the LGBTQ+ community.

This was evident in her 2016 Twitter post, where she wrote, “Mike Pence wants to convert gay people with electroshock therapy.” 

Shannon Woodward Partner

As of 2023, Shannon Woodward is currently single and not in a romantic relationship.

Although she had been involved in a few relationships in the past, the Westworld actress is currently just focusing on her career.

Shannon Woodward Lesbian
Shannon Woodward is currently single. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Shannon may be in a private relationship, but unless she addresses it, we should not assume anything regarding her status. 

Furthermore, we should acknowledge her talent and performances in the movies and the gaming community rather than be interested in her personal endeavors.

The actress’s professional portfolio is all known to the public. Hence, we should respect her decision to keep her personal aspects private.

Shannon Woodward Dating History

As far as public knowledge goes, Woodward had two relationships in total to this date.

She was romantically linked with David Gallagher, an actor known for playing Simon Camden on the TV series 7th Heaven.

Moreover, David is also a well-established model and has been enrolled in that.

Shannon was in a relationship with him from 2004 to 2005, and they were together for briefly a year.

Shannon Woodward Lesbian
Shannon Woodward with his ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield. (Source: Access)

After the separation of the actress from David, she began dating Andrew Garfield. She was in a long-term relationship with him.

He is also an actor, but his work primarily focuses on the big screen. He gained recognition for his portrayal of the character in the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

After being in a relationship for over three years, many of her fans started speculating that Andrew Garfield would be her future husband.

However, their hopes were dashed when their relationship came to an end in 2011, leaving them disappointed.

According to a report by Dailymail, the reason behind their breakup was speculated to be their demanding schedules, which may have made it challenging for them to sustain their relationship.

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