Is Torrey Devitto Related To Danny Devitto – Relationship

Torrey Devitto Related To Danny Devitto and Relationship

People are speculating, “Is Torrey Devitto Related To Danny Devitto? Film and series lovers search for the Vampire Diaries star Torrey Devitto due to the frequency of her appearances.

Gorgeous and talented television Actress Torrey Devitto made audiences fall in love with her amazing act in the hit teen Drama series The Vampire Diaries. The Actress received global recognition after appearing as Meredith Fell in the series from 2009 to 2017.

Torrey Joelle DeVitto, shortly Torrey Devitto, won audiences for her frequent appearances in television roles as she developed herself as one of the most popular television Actresses in Hollywood. 

Besides her role in The Vampire Diaries, she has appeared in Chicago Med (since 2015), Pretty Little Liars (2010- 2017), One Tree Hill (2003- 2012), and Chicago PD. 

Eventually, the Actress joined other big film ventures, including the 2019 release Write Before Christmas. 

Talented star Torrey Devitto grew up in Huntington, New York, United States, surrounded by her family’s care.

Fans were delighted to see their favorite One Tree Hill star, Devitto, appear in the family film. 

She began her career in 1999. She has won thousands of hearts with her stellar acts in films and series as the Actress ventured into the Hollywood industry with her big debut in television

The star is booked for all hit Hollywood television projects, as her talent cannot go unnoticed by filmmakers. It seems like Devitto is the most demanded television Actress at the time.

The star seized massive public attention with her beauty and impressive acting talent. In today’s article, we’ll get to know unknown facts regarding Torrey Devitto’s family heritage.

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Is Torrey Devitto Related To Danny Devitto – Relationship

Despite what people speculate, Pretty Little Liars star Torrey Devitto is unrelated to Batman Returns star Danny Devitto. The two famous Actors aren’t related in any way.

Torrey Devitto was born to Liberty DeVitto and Mary DeVitto on 8 June 1984. On the contrary, Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. was born to Daniel Michael DeVito, Sr., and Julia DeVito on 17 November 1944. Coming from a similar profession, people often get confused about having the same surnames.

Torrey Devitto Related To Danny Devitto
No, Actress Torrey Devitto is not related to Actor Danny Devitto. (Source: YouTube)

Both Actors are from the U.S. while Torrey is from Huntington, New York, and Danny is from Neptune Township, New Jersey.

Torrey Devitto is a junior candidate in acting compared to the senior Actor Danny Devitto, serving as one of the finest comedians in the Hollywood film industry. Danny is now a filmmaker, and he has even won the prestigious Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. 

He divorced his wife, Rhea Perlman, in 2017, and has three kids, Lucy DeVito, Jake DeVito, and Grace Fan DeVito.

Even though Torrey and Danny are unrelated, they represent the same nation and have acted in the same industry but in different genres, as one serves as a senior while the other is a junior.

Both have successful acting careers, as Danny has appeared in several hit films, including Jumanji: The Next Level, The Lorax, Twins, Matilda, and more. 

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Meet Torrey Devitto Parents And Family Background

Actress Torrey Devitto was born to Liberty DeVitto and Mary DeVitto on 8 June 1984. According to sources, her mom and dad lived in Huntington, New York. Her parents helped craft the best part of their daughter’s acting career.

The Actress looks pretty confident in her television roles. Her Father, Liberty DeVitto, was a long-time drummer for Billy Joel. 

Torrey Devitto Parents
Torrey Devitto with her proud dad, Liberty DeVitto. (Source: Hello Magazine)

Her parents first met in 1983, and two years later, they welcomed Torrey. 

The Vampire Diaries star is close to her family. Sources suggest that Torrey’s parents support her acting career. It is safe to say that her family is the backbone of her success. 

Film and series followers know the famous Actress Torrey for significantly improving her performances after each role. However, many are unknown of the famous star’s ethnicity.

Speaking of Torrey’s ethnicity and family heritage, DeVitto is of Italian descent. Reportedly, her paternal grandfather is from Sicily, while her paternal grandmother is from Naples. 

As a child, she spent a lot of time touring with her parents, as she recalled, “We spent every Thanksgiving at Billy Joel’s home. I played with his daughter, Alexa. All those memories were warm and happy times.”

The Actress’s family is a tremendous fan of her shows. Also, her family, including her kin and folks, are always present at her big television openings, like her pilot episodes. 

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