Regis Prograis Parents: Meet Shelita And Vidal, Ethnicity And Family

Regis Prograis

Regis Prograis parents are Vidal and Shelita Martinez Prograis. He is married to Raquel and has three children. 

Regis Prograis, the accomplished American professional boxer, has made a name for himself in boxing. With his exceptional skills and determination, he currently holds the prestigious WBC super lightweight title, a feat he achieved in 2022.

Additionally, he previously held the WBA super lightweight title in 2019.

Throughout his professional career, Prograis has had the opportunity to showcase his talents at the renowned Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

He fought on the undercard of the highly anticipated Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter fight. Notably, this fight honored the return of primetime boxing on CBS after a break of over 40 years.

Prograis was recognized as a Prospect of the Year candidate by ESPN in 2015. Furthermore, esteemed publications such as USA Today and Yahoo Sports have recognized his undeniable capabilities, labeling him a legitimate contender for world titles.

Regis Prograis Parents: Meet Shelita And Vidal

Regis, the renowned professional boxer, was born to Vidal Prograis and Shelita Martinez Prograis. His mother, Shelita, experienced a devastating loss during the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The damaging storm destroyed her New Orleans home with eight feet of relentless floodwaters. Despite the immense challenges, Shelita and her family survived the ordeal.

Regis Prograis Parents
Regis Prograis parents: The boxer wishes his mother a happy birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Seeking a fresh start, the Prograis family relocated to Houston. Sadly, their trouble continued when Hurricane Harvey devastated their city after twelve years. As a result, Shelita and her husband were left homeless once again.

However, Regis, always appreciative of his mother’s resilience and love, gave her an amazing Christmas surprise in 2019. He planned Christmas gifts by placing boxes within boxes, with the final one containing what appeared to be a new iPhone.

To Shelita’s surprise, she discovered that the box contained a key, symbolizing the key to their new home. Regis had purchased a house as a heartfelt Christmas gift for his mother, ensuring she would have a place to call her own after years of displacement and uncertainty.

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Regis Prograis Ethnicity 

Prograis, a talented boxer of Louisiana Creole heritage, hails from the vibrant city of New Orleans. His roots in the Louisiana culture deeply influenced his identity and career.

Born and raised in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana, he developed a profound connection to his heritage, eventually leading him to choose the nickname “Rougarou.”

This name pays tribute to his Native American grandfather and translates to ‘werewolf’ in Louisiana French.

Regis Prograis
Regis is a professional boxer from America. (Source: Getty Images)

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, devastating New Orleans and forcing him to seek refuge in Houston, Texas. He began training with Evander Holyfield at Savannah Boxing Club, which was an important factor in inspiring him to take boxing seriously.

During his amateur career, he amassed 87 wins and seven losses. His outstanding performance in the ring earned him recognition and respect, ranking him as high as #4 in the United States.

Additionally, he claimed the coveted title of the 2009 Ringside World Champion and the 2010 HORN National Champion. He also won in regional Golden Gloves competitions and showcased his skills in the 2012 Olympic Trials before transitioning to the professional boxing arena in 2012.

Regis Prograis Family

Regis has a loving and close-knit family that extends beyond his parents. As a married man, he shares his life with his wife, Raquel Prograis.

Together, they have embarked on a beautiful journey of parenthood, raising three wonderful children.

Raquel is an influential figure in the fashion world. She showcases her passion for style and luxury on her YouTube channel, sharing captivating unboxing videos featuring clothes and shoes from renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, and many more.

Regis Prograis wife
Regis wishes a very happy birthday to his wife, Raquel Prograis. (Source: Instagram)

Her channel also offers engaging shopping videos, giving viewers a glimpse into the latest fashion trends.

Their first child, Rays, was born on October 20, 2013, followed by their daughter Khalessi on August 10, 2016. In November 2020, the couple shared a touching moment with their online audience, revealing a video of Raquel giving birth to their third child in a water pool.

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