Shad Thyrion Autopsy Report: Murder Mystery Corpse Photos

Shad Thyrion Autopsy

People have been searching for  Shad Thyrion’s autopsy report. Taylor Schabusiness, a 25-year-old woman, stands accused of murdering Shad Thyrion inside his mother’s home in Green Bay.

Schabusiness will go on trial for this horrible act and be charged with first-degree intentional killing, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault.

Thyrion’s severed head was discovered in a bucket with visible signs of strangulation, and the crime scene paints a terrible picture.

Knives were found at the scene, while more body parts were in plastic shopping bags.

The victim’s mother described how she last saw her son with Schabusiness and the ensuing incidents that led to the terrible finding of the severed head. The results of the autopsy revealed that Thyrion had been strangled to death.

This horrifying and tragic case is being tried to deliver justice.

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Shad Thyrion Autopsy Report: Murder Mystery Corpse Photos

The Shad Thyrion autopsy report reveals gruesome and horrifying details surrounding his tragic death. Thyrion, 25, was killed and dismembered in his mother’s basement in February 2022.

In his testimony during the trial, Dr. Vincent Tranchida, the deputy medical examiner for Dane County, stated that Thyrion’s body was discovered in a bloodless state and that the dismemberment procedure was described in detail.

His back was stripped of its skin and muscles, revealing his rib cage and spine.

Shad Thyrion autopsy
Shad Thyrion’s crime scene and bodycam footage shown during a murder trial have revealed details about the crime scene. (Image Source: The Sun)

The division of his torso made access to his chest, pelvis, and abdomen possible. It was shocking to discover that his left foot had been cut and inserted into the lower chest region.

Moreover, the medical examiner also mentioned that the right thigh’s soft tissue had been removed, leaving only the bone. Hours were spent decapitating, dismembering, eviscerating, and castrating Thyrion’s body.

However, this is the only information available on Shad Thyrion’s autopsy report as of now; we will update you on it as soon as we get additional details on it.

Shad Thyrion Murder Case Update

Taylor Schabusiness, a 25-year-old Wisconsin woman suspected of the brutal murder of her partner, Shad Thyrion, is the defendant in this case.

The incident happened in the Green Bay house of Thyrion’s mother in February 2022. Surprisingly, Schabusiness is accused of beheading Thyrion, assaulting him sexually, and then mutilating the rest of his body.

Shad Thyrion autopsy
Shad Tyrion’s murder suspect is his so claimed lover Taylor Schabusiness. (Image Source: ABC 15News)

Following the report, his head was found in a bucket, while additional body parts were found in plastic bags, a storage bin, and Schabusiness’ van.

The murder’s grisly details were disclosed at the site, along with signs of strangulation and huge blood stains.

Charges against Schabusiness include third-degree sexual assault, mutilating a corpse, and first-degree intentional homicide. The trial began when the judge determined she was fit to stand trial.

Shad Thyrion Family: Where Are They From?

On September 7, 1997, a young man named Shad Thyrion was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After graduating from Bay Port High School, he worked in the family enterprises of his father and grandfather.

Shad was a gentle and kind man who enjoyed spending time with his family, camping, and playing games. He also had a gift for drawing.

His life was tragically cut short on February 23, 2022, in a horrible occurrence. His decapitated head was found in a pail in the family’s cellar by Tara Pakanich, his mother.

Moreover, his claimed lover, Taylor Schabusiness, is charged with performing the horrific act.

Authorities think Schabusiness sexually assaulted Shad after strangling him during hard sex, dismembered his deceased body, and dispersed its pieces all over the house and inside a car.

Shad Thyrion’s family and friends are inconsolable at his passing and are fighting for justice for the horrific destiny that befell him.

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