Serif Zorba Religion – Jewish Or Muslim? Family Age And Wikipedia Bio

Serif Zorba

Serif was accused of stabbing Imam Sayed Elnakid inside a mosque in Paterson, New Jersey. People are eager to know about Serif Zorba Religion.

Zorba made a virtual appearance one day after a surveillance video allegedly captured him walking toward and stabbing the 65-year-old Elnakib while he was praying at Omar Mosque.

Serif, speaking through a Turkish interpreter, pleaded not guilty to the charges of attempted murder and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Elnakib is still in the hospital after receiving two stab wounds to his lungs, but is said to be improving.

He is surrounded by his wife and three sons, according to Abdul Haman, a spokesperson for the mosque.

As per some sources, he had been attending a different mosque during the month of Ramadan.

Hasan Oren, who is the president of Mevlana Mosque, informed them that Zorba had attended prayers there on the night before the stabbing occurred.

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Serif Zorba Religion – Jewish Or Muslim?

Serif Zorba religion has been one of the most-searched topics on the internet to discuss.

The criminal who stabbed Imam Sayed Elnakid’s religion remains unknown as of today.

As soon as he was taken into custody, Zorba informed the authorities that he had premeditated the assault on his own at his home the night before.

The main reason to kill Imam Sayed Elnakid is that he disagreed with the mosque and its leader collecting funds in the name of Islam. This was noted by the officers.

Serif Zorba Religion
Police search for motive after imam is stabbed leading prayer at New Jersey mosque (Source: NBC News)

In the document, it was mentioned that Serif stated his intention to kill the head of the organization, ELnakib, due to the reasons he previously mentioned.

However, he added that he had no intention of causing harm to anyone else or carrying out any other violent plans apart from the one he executed.

He also claimed that he did not possess any more weapons at his residence, nor did he have any other violent plans.

Zorba expressed his displeasure towards those who practiced the Islamic religion.

Further information about the Serif Zorba religion is not made public as most of his personal details are not revealed by the authorities.

Serif Zorba family and age 

The man who stabbed 65-year-old Imam was born in 1991, as of 2024, 33 years old.

To protect their privacy, the authorities do not reveal information about the serif’s family.

The devastating stabbing incident took place at 5:44 a.m. while Elnakib was delivering morning prayers, and he was subsequently taken to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center for treatment.

According to court documents, the alleged motive behind the attack has been revealed, which is already discussed above.

Serif Zorba
A New Jersey imam was stabbed during prayer, with the attacker subdued by congregants (Source: NPR)

Upon arriving at the scene, the police found a gathering of around 100 people, some of whom had apprehended Zorba.

The testimony written by a Paterson police officer mentioned that during the attempted detention, the officers were surrounded and crowded by individuals present who were becoming increasingly hostile.

The officers had to escort the detainee outside while being subjected to profanities being yelled at them, and the suspect was also kicked and punched.

Serif Zorba Wikipedia bio

Information regarding his precise birth date and place of birth has not been disclosed yet.

Additionally, details about his zodiac sign and religious affiliation have not been made available.

Serif Zorba
Video captures horrifying moment attacker stabs prominent NJ imam (Source: New York Post)

Among the attendees at the mosque’s Ramadan prayer service was Zorba, a man measuring 6 feet and 3 inches in height, who was wearing a white hoodie at the time.

The details of his profession and net worth are not available on the internet.

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