Sean Kelly Age And Wikipedia: Joins KUTV 2 Salt Lake City After Leaving KXAN

Sean Kelly Age

The mystery surrounding broadcast meteorologist Sean Kelly age prevails as the rumors of his move to KUTV 2 Salt Lake City whip fans into a speculation frenzy after his KXAN departure announcement.

Sean Kelly stands as a dedicated and seasoned broadcast meteorologist, celebrated for his fervor in weather forecasting and captivating on-air persona.

Rooted in meteorology, his odyssey commenced at Rutgers University, culminating in the attainment of a bachelor’s degree in the field.

Throughout his academic pursuit, the meteorologist garnered invaluable expertise through internships and active participation in meteorological programs.

This experience set the stage for a career marked by precision, passion, and a commitment to keeping audiences informed about the ever-changing dynamics of the weather.

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Sean Kelly Age: How old is He?

Despite the wealth of information available about Sean Kelly’s professional journey, his age remains undisclosed.

This private aspect of his life adds an air of mystery to the meteorologist, leaving fans and followers curious about this personal detail.

Born and raised in Piscataway, New Jersey, the broadcaster developed a strong interest in weather from a young age.

Though his current age is not public knowledge, his passion for meteorology was evident early on. He gained valuable forecasting experience studying the volatile weather in his home state.

Sean Kelly Age
Sean Kelly interned at News 12 New Jersey and participated in the American Meteorological Society Mentorship Program.(Source: Instagram)

He further honed his broadcasting and predicting skills throughout his academic and professional path.

While the broadcast meteorologist keeps his age private for now, his excellence in weather coverage continues to grow.

His commitment to keeping communities informed and safe in the face of storms endures as he embarks on new career chapters.

Sean Kelly Wikipedia

Sean Kelly’s meteorological career has been marked by a commitment to honing his skills and gaining diverse experiences.

After completing his education at Rutgers University, he began his career as an intern at News 12 New Jersey.

Simultaneously, the broadcast meteorologist actively engaged in the American Meteorological Society Board for Private Sector Meteorologists Mentorship Program.

His broadcasting career kicked off in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he worked for KIII-TV 3 News for three years.

During this time, he covered significant weather events, including Hurricane Harvey and rare weather occurrences like a snowstorm.

The broadcaster’s dedication to improving his forecasting skills and on-camera presence was evident during his tenure at Corpus Christi.

Currently, Kelly serves as a meteorologist at KXAN-TV in Austin, Texas, a position he has held since November 2018.

Sean Kelly Age
Sean Kelly is in a romantic relationship with Kelsey Hiriak.(Source: Instagram)

His five years at KXAN have been characterized by delivering accurate and informative weather forecasts to the Austin community.

The meteorologist’s educational background at Rutgers University included active participation in various extracurricular activities.

These activities comprised involvement in the Rutgers Men’s Volleyball Club, the Meteorology Club, and the Rutgers Weather Watcher.

His engagement extended to on-camera broadcasting and producing at the university’s local radio and television stations.

Active on social media, Kelly shares daily weather updates on Twitter (@MetStormKelly) and has an Instagram account (@seankellywx).

While he may not be as active on Instagram, his posts offer glimpses into his personal life, showcasing his relationships and his love for spending quality time with family, friends, and colleagues.

Sean Kelly Joins KUTV 2 Salt Lake City After Leaving KXAN

On January 14, 2024, Sean Kelly announced a significant life update through posts on both Twitter and Instagram.

After an incredible five years with KXAN in Austin, he revealed his departure, expressing gratitude for the experience and the opportunity to keep the community informed through his forecasts.

Despite not disclosing his future endeavors, rumors and speculations suggest his potential move to KUTV 2 Salt Lake City.

However, the broadcaster has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

In addition to his meteorological pursuits, he is an avid and advanced mountain skier with a passion for winter sports, including ice skating.

Sean Kelly Age
Sean Kelly revealed his depature from KXAN on his social media platforms.(Source: X)

As a resident of Austin, he likely did not have many opportunities to enjoy these cold-weather activities.

A move to Salt Lake City would allow him to not only grow the broadcast meteorologist’s career but also his personal interests in skiing and snow sports.

His multifaceted passions, both in and outside of his professional life, contribute to the well-rounded personality that viewers and followers have come to appreciate.

While his next career steps remain unknown for now, fans continue to speculate what adventures may come as Kelly leaves the warmth of Austin for snowier prospects.

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