Scott Ly Ethnicity And Nationality – Is He Vietnamese? Parents And Family

Scott Ly Ethnicity

Scott Ly has been seen in many films in Hollywood. The actor’s exposure has created a curiosity regarding Scott Ly Ethnicity among the fans. Let us explore Scott Ly Ethnicity in this article.

Over the years, Scott Ly has worked as an actor in a variety of film and television productions. Sung Dae Park from “Bones” (2014), Lin Chau from “Blood of Redemption” (2013), and Paul Montgomery from “Criminal Minds” (2012) are just a few of his prominent roles.

In addition, he made four appearances as Vikis in the TV show “Legend of Souls” (2011), as well as in the movies “1968 Tunnel Rats” (2008) and “Jaded Love” (2007).

The show currently holds an 8.2 rating on IMDb, indicating its popularity among viewers.

Many people are now paying attention to the actor, and some viewers are wondering if he is Native American. Keep reading to learn more about Scott Ly ethnicity.

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Scott Ly Ethnicity

Scott Ly ethnicity is Vietnamese-American, according to the information at hand.

Although the artist was born in Houston, Texas, his ancestral roots spread all the way up to Vietnam. 

Scott Ly grew up in San Gabriel Valley, California after his family fled the country as boat refugees after the Fall of Saigon (April 30, 1975). 

Scott considers, “Bruce Lee was ahead of his time both philosophically and physically. (Source: Instagram)

Having a look at his social media, it is clear how the Asian culture has an impact on his life. When it comes to his passions and pastimes, Scott Ly seems to be a fan of martial arts, especially Muay Thai and the renowned Bruce Lee.

On his social media handles, he has shared photos of himself compared with the legendary Bruce Lee. Moreover, the two don’t have much difference considering their body structures. 

Scott Ly Parents

Scott is a relatively private person when it comes to his parents. Due to this, his parents are still a mystery to the internet.

However, he frequently shares how his parents supported him in his early days in acting.

He also mentions that his Vietnamese mother always taught him to be a good person and was agreeable to whatever Scott tried to pursue in life.

Scott with his grandmother, Le Thien who played the role of Ba Noi in A Tourist Guide To Love. (Source: IMDb)

Scott was an athletic kid naturally. He was the captain of his high school’s basketball and wrestling teams. The actor’s commitment inspired him to pursue his daily circuit training, yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA goals.

Nonetheless, his love of performing on stage and in front of the camera inspired him to make acting his primary career goal.

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Scott Ly Family

Scott Ly seldom talks about his family background. However, he shares photos with his grandmother whom he loves a lot.

All three of Scott’s older siblings were born in Vietnam, in contrast to Scott. The youngest of the four has always been interested in sports and even held the position of captain for the basketball and wrestling teams at his high school.

“A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is a joyful romantic comedy film on Netflix that was directed by Steven K. Tsuchida, makes viewers fall in love with its sympathetic characters and their journey.

Scott and Le Thien have unmatched chemistry both off and on screen. (Source: Instagram)

His efforts have made the actor a household celebrity and significantly expanded his fan base.

Naturally, people are curious to learn everything there is to know about this gifted artist. Fortunately, we are here to share all we know about Scott with you.

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