Olivia Millar Parents: Mother Esme Marshall And Family Tree

Olivia Millar Parents

Olivia Millar is a rising star in the fashion industry. But who are Olivia Millar Parents? Let’s take a look at her family.

Olivia Millar has made a name for herself in the fashion industry as the co-founder of Chasseresse, an online boutique that offers sustainable clothing options. 

Initially, Olivia founded Chasseresse with her sister in 2018 because of their shared passion for sustainable clothes. 

Moreover, many celebrities and famous personalities are clients of Chasseresse due to its antique apparel.

In addition to her work with Chasseresse, Olivia is also known for her relationship with Oscar-winning actor Jonah Hill. 

 Despite the attention she has gained from her relationship, Olivia remains focused on her career and her passion for sustainable fashion. 

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Olivia Millar Parents: Mother Esme Marshall

Olivia Millar parents have been prominent figures in the fashion industry.

Olivia was born to her mother, Esme Marshall, who was a top model in the 1980s.

Moreover,  Marshall was a well-known figure in the fashion industry who has graced the covers of Vogue and worked with top designers such as Calvin Klein.

Olivia Millar Parents
Millar’s mom was a top model in her prime. (Source: Iconic Focus)

Marshall was scouted by a  Mademoiselle editor when she was selling socks in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Furthermore, she was dubbed as the heroine of a J.D. Salinger story and became one of her time’s successful models.

Millar’s mom and dad met each other at Perry Ellis show. Millar’s mom has also played a significant role in shaping her career.

While Esme’s impact on Olivia’s career is evident, little information is available about her father.

Furthermore, she has not revealed information about her father and has kept his identity a mystery.

All in all, Olivia Millar parents have been quite supportive about her career in the fashion industry.

Olivia Millar Family Tree

Apart from Olivia Millar parents, she has three siblings named:  Raychel, Hayden, and Trev.

Moreover, Raychel Roberts has followed in her mother’s footsteps, worked in the modeling industry, and worked as a photographer.

Olivia Millar Parents
Olivia with her sister Rachel in the interview for Vogue. (Source: Vogue)

Roberts is married and has two children together with her husband. Though, she has not revealed the name of her husband yet.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about her two sisters at the moment.

However, Olivia and her sister Raychel have a close bond due to their similar interest in the fashion industry and photography. 

Millar, with their sibling, Roberts, founded Chasseresse in 2018. The two sisters opened the boutique intending to provide sustainable vintage clothes.

Olivia Millar Ethnicity Revealed

Olivia is of white ethnicity and American nationality. Although Millar works in the fashion industry, she has remained behind the scenes.

Unlike her sister and mother, the Chasseresse owner has maintained a relatively low profile.

Furthermore, she has rarely made an appearance in public and also remained private on social media, making people curious about her.

However, Millar may not reveal about her her personal life anytime soon as she seems to enjoy her life without being in the spotlight.

Olivia Millar Religion

Unfortunately, no information is available about Olivia’s religious beliefs. She may not have wanted to share her belief with the public.

Talking about her romantic relationship, the Chasseresse owner is romantically linked to Johan Hill since 2022.

Olivia Millar Parents
Millar has been in a relationship with Hills since 2022. (Source: Dailymail)

Since then, the couple has been spotted together multiple times. Moreover, in March 2023, photos of Olivia with an engagement ring went viral on social media.

Likewise, in May 2023, the couple welcomed their first child, and the news was shared by Hills’ representative team.

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