Sarah Huckabee Accident – Was She In A Hit And Run? Health Update And Instagram Bio

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee accident: Was she in a hit and run? The politician is recently embroiled in controversy after signing a bill that allows children to work in jobs that the government previously prohibited.

Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, popularly known as “Sarah Huckabee,” is an American politician serving as the 47th governor of Arkansas since 2023.

Sanders is best known in the United States for leading the White House daily briefing and was the third woman to hold the White House Press Secretary job, serving under President Trump from 2017 to 2019.

She was also the senior advisor to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and won the 2022 Arkansas gubernatorial election.

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Sarah Huckabee Accident – Was She In A Hit And Run?

According to the most recent reports, Sarah has not been involved in any accidents. However, she has recently made headlines for signing legislation loosening child labor restrictions in her state, effectively undoing 90 years of progress in preventing child labor in America.

This legislation benefits corporate businesses by giving them access to a cheap, replaceable labor force. People on various social media platforms have referred to the politician’s action as one of her biggest accidents.

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 outlawed hiring children under 16 in any occupation and those under 18 in particularly dangerous jobs.

This week, Elizabeth concluded that Arkansas should have the freedom to decide what to do with its children and that a 13-year-old should be permitted to work in a factory.

Sarah Huckabee
Arkansas Gov. Sanders signs a measure rolling back child labor protections. (Source: NBC News)

This is against the law because it prohibits working high school students from staying out past midnight when they have classes the next day.

One user on Twitter protested, “Make children die in industrial accidents again. “Arkansas Gov. Sanders signs a law loosening child labor protections.”

Another user wrote, “Hey, look!” “It’s Sarah Huckabee’s Arkansas utopia, where children work in dangerous conditions without legal recourse for abuse or accidents.”

Sarah Huckabee Health Update

Speaking of Sander’s health, she underwent surgery to remove her thyroid and the surrounding lymph nodes in 2022 after receiving a thyroid cancer diagnosis.

The governor of Arkansas was diagnosed with the most common type of thyroid cancer, stage I papillary thyroid carcinoma.

Sarah Huckabee with her husband after the surgery
On our way home from the hospital, cancer-free (Source: Twitter)

Sanders underwent surgery, and after a successful outcome, she was declared cancer-free. She wrote on social media that “words cannot express how much we appreciate the outpouring of love, prayers, and support!”

Sarah Huckabee Instagram Bio-Explored

Huckabee is fairly active on Instagram and updates from time to time. She goes by the name Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the app and has a huge fan following (767K followers at the time of writing this).

She joined Instagram in May 2012 and got verified in February 2019. According to her bio, she represents herself as a public figure and follows Christianity.

Elizabeth is also a mother, a wife, a former press secretary for the White House, and the governor of Arkansas. Additionally, she has linked her website, which is named in the app’s bio.

Sarah Huckabee
Sarah Huckabee on Instagram with the caption, “Arkansas made history today, setting the education model for the nation. The failed status quo is dead, and hope is alive for every kid in our state. (Source: Instagram)

The politician posts images and videos to the app that is relevant to both her personal and professional life. She recently uploaded a picture of the allegedly controversial legislation that she was holding in her hand.

In addition to that, the former press secretary for the White House uploaded an Instagram story where she shared a picture of her tweet in which she stated, “It is now the law of the land in my state to educate, not indoctrinate, empower parents, not government, and prepare students for a high-paying job, not a lifetime in poverty.”

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