Councilman Matthew Reilly Caught And Arrested, Case Details And Wiki

Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly Caught: The Republican councilman was arrested on Monday and charged with one count of drug possession. He was caught with a crack pipe and fentanyl in his car. Read on to learn more about the case.

Matt is an active Cranston community member known for his dedication and commitment to public service.

As a CLCF soccer coach and a former Cranston Charter Review Commission member, he has demonstrated his passion for community involvement and civic engagement.

With a focus on fostering Cranston’s growth as a city that welcomes and supports small businesses, he is determined to ensure the city’s fiscal stability and effective governance.

Accessibility and neighborly support are central to the councilman’s approach to public office. He vows to be readily available to his constituents, always ready to extend a helping hand to his fellow community members.

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Councilman Matthew Reilly Caught And Arrested

In a shocking turn of events, Councilman Matthew, a prominent figure in Rhode Island’s Cranston community, was caught and subsequently arrested.

Matthew Reilly Caught
Reilly initially denied having any drugs on him when questioned by police on Monday (Source: Daily Mail)

The incident unfolded when a concerned passerby spotted him asleep behind the wheel of his car, holding a crack pipe.

The arrest, captured on video, showed officers waking the coach and discovering a bag of cocaine at the scene.

The bodycam footage also revealed the officers’ surprise and dismay at finding a councilman engaging in such behavior.

Matthew Reilly Case Details

The arrest of Matt, an attorney, and Republican councilman, made headlines due to the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Reilly was found unconscious in his car, holding a crack pipe, which was captured on police bodycam footage. Officers attempted to wake him, noting that he appeared to be experiencing a medical episode.

During the encounter, the officer confronted him about the implications of his actions as a councilman representing the constituents of Cranston.

Reilly admitted to having smoked crack earlier, citing a relapse triggered by a difficult divorce. He resigned as chairman of the Cranston Republican Party following the incident.

The video footage captured the officer informing the soccer coach that he would be patted down while emphasizing the recording of their conversation.

Matthew Reilly
Reilly is seen being arrested. (Source: New York Post)

He initially denied having any drugs in his vehicle, but police later reported finding crack laced with fentanyl.

The councilman was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser, ultimately facing drug possession charges.

Despite calls for his resignation from Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins, he has not stepped down from his position as a city councilman.

The incident has brought significant attention to his case, highlighting the need for him to seek help and recovery.

The community and city leaders expressed hope that the Republican councilman can find a path to recovery and receive the necessary support. He was released pending a court appearance scheduled for June 15.

Matthew Reilly Wiki

Matthew R. Reilly is a dedicated resident of Cranston, Rhode Island, serving his first term on the City Council.

He takes great pride in his community and has chosen to raise his two daughters, Lena and Gracelyn, in the lively Garden City neighborhood of Ward 6.

Reilly graduated from Cranston High School West in 1999 and pursued higher education at the George Washington University School of Business and Public Management.

In 2003, he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, specializing in entrepreneurship and small business management.

Before pursuing his legal career, he worked as a realtor and real estate appraiser for several years.

His passion for the law led him to Roger Williams University School of Law, where he obtained his Juris Doctor degree.

Matthew Reilly Wiki
Politicians have called for the Republican councilman to step down from his role. (Source: New Port Buzz)

After passing the Rhode Island Bar exam in 2013, he established his private practice, focusing on family law.

As an attorney, Matthew advocates for his clients in highly contested and emotionally charged disputes, employing his negotiation skills and representing them in various Rhode Island courts.

Additionally, he serves as a mediator, assisting opposing parties in finding common ground.

As a councilman, the attorney aims to utilize his legal expertise and mediation skills to bring together all stakeholders, fostering agreements that benefit the City of Cranston and the residents of Ward 6.

His commitment to his community and his ability to navigate complex issues make him a valuable asset to the City Council and a trusted representative for his constituents.

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