Sarah Gelish Obituary, Death Cause – What Happened? Age and Family Details

The internet users have been curious about Sarah Gelish Obituary. To clarify, it was not Sarah Gelish who passed away, but she was the one who raised a GoFundMe for the victim of the New Milford Accident.

Sarah Gelish and Vanessa Lynch have set up a fundraiser to assist the family of a man who was killed in an accident in New Milford and pays for the medical bills of a woman who was seriously hurt.

On Sunday morning, 22-year-old Brandon Forlastro was riding a motorbike on Danbury Road when he struck a pickup truck. At the scene, he was identified as dead.

Sarah Gelish and Vanessa Lynch stated that the collected funds would all go to pay for the medical assistance for Brianna Medina. It will also help to bear the costs of the memorial and funeral services of Brandon Forlastro.

So far, more than $18000 had already been accumulated; huge credit to Sarah and Vanessa on this. This update is on Tuesday.

Currently, USD 32724 has been raised out of a $35000 goal. The list has gone up of the donors and reached up to 448.

The goal is attainable and might even exceed it.

If you wish to donate too, please visit the website, GoFundMe. It would be highly generous and considerate to contribute to their families who are going through this unimaginable tragedy.

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Sarah Gelish Obituary, Cause Of Death?

Sarah Gelish is not dead, and the misconception is circulating the internet, which is invalid.

The accurate information is that Sarah Gelish was the one who, along with Vanessa Lynch, decided to open a GoFundMe account for a person named Brandon Forlastro.

As for the details of Brandon Forlastro, he was killed in a motorcycle accident that happened in New Milford, CT.

Sarah Gelish Obituary
Brandon’s family extends their sincerest gratitude for the outpouring of respect, support, and love shown for their son and his girlfriend Brianna. (Source: Az Family)

It was regrettable, considering he was only on his way to celebrating his friend’s birthday and being present. It was not just him who got into the accident but also a woman named Brianna Medina, who happens to be Brandon Forlastro’s girlfriend.

A glimmer of hope remains as Brianna is still in a critical condition and state. The hospital and the Police officials have yet to brief in regard to her health condition.

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Sarah Gelish Age and Family

Sarah Gelish’s details are kept secret. The news and her intention are more on helping the families of the two victims.

No parents deserve to see their children die or be on the verge of death. This is why Sarah and Vanessa organized GoFundMe to help and provide relief with the medical expenses, to ease the pressure or pain to at least a certain extent.

Sarah Gelish Obituary
You can donate the sum you are willing to pay for the victims of the family through the GoFundMe page. (Source: GoFundMe)

The doctors have been working around the clock and doing their best to save Brianne. She only recently had to undergo another emergency surgery.

We shall all pray for Brianne Medina to overcome her critical condition. Let us all pray for her family to cope with this extremely difficult condition.

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