Sandra Oh Plastic Surgery: Did She Under Go Any Procedure? Before And After

Sandra Oh plastic surgery

Sandra Oh plastic surgery rumours have been making the rounds. Let’s learn more about her and see if she has made any changes in her appearance.

Sandra Miju Oh is a Canadian-American actress who has contributed to breaking down barriers in the entertainment business for Asian women.

She started her career from scratch and is most known for portraying strong female characters, particularly on the television series Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve.

Her other works include Arliss, Judging Amy, and American Crime.

Moreover, the talented actress has voiced characters on American Dad! American Dragon: Jack Long, Phineas and Ferb, Chop Socky Chooks, and Invincible.

What’s more, Sandra has won four Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Golden Globes for her work as a gifted and committed actor.

In 2019, Time magazine listed her as one of the top 100 global influencers.

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Sandra Oh Plastic Surgery: Did She Under Go Any Procedure?

Celebrities nowadays often have plastic surgery to improve their body features and even eliminate the visible signs of aging.

Facelifts, Botox injections, and dermal fillers can all help eliminate wrinkles and restore a more youthful look.

Grey’s Anatomy actress, who is in her early 50s, has aged gracefully, and rumors about Sandra Oh plastic surgery are circulating among her admirers and followers. 

Many wondered if she definitely had an eye procedure, claiming her eyes were significantly more open. 

However, no official news claims concerning Sandra Oh plastic surgery have been made so yet.

Sandra Oh plastic surgery
Sandra Oh has never officially admitted to having any sort of cosmetic surgery (Image source: Getty Image)

The actress discussed her struggles in an interview with Vulture, beginning with an agent who told her she didn’t look like a leading lady and suggested she get plastic surgery.

On the other hand, Sandra has always been concerned about the impact of cosmetic surgery. 

She opened up about her views on plastic surgery, stating that she wants to be a part of people learning to embrace themselves for who they are since doing so may lead to equality and other positive results.

Furthermore, the actress admitted that many Asians prefer to leave their heritage behind by drastically altering their appearance.

She humorously said that this is why she believes she could not be offered a job in Korea.

Sandra Oh Before And After

Sandra Oh, who is in her 50s, has simply aged elegantly.

She is already blessed with natural beauty, and the actress has been successful in maintaining her body weight, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of her skin.

When comparing Sandra’s most recent photos to those from her earlier photos, it is clear that she has matured elegantly.

She still possesses the beauty she used to have when she was young.

One thing to notice about her current appearance is that she has a double eyelid. We can see the change in her facial feature not only in public photos but also in her social media posts.

Sandra Oh plastic surgery
Some changes in Sandra Oh’s eyes can be spotted (Image source: Instagram

Having an Asian appearance, she used to have a single-lid eye.

It’s becoming increasingly common for Asian women to get double eyelid surgery and other plastic alterations to attain a more Westernized appearance, but the actress is not one of them.

And, since the actress has never disclosed that she has undergone any kind of surgery, we can speculate that she might have gotten double eyelids without going through scissors.

In today’s advanced world, alternative ways exist to solve problems; those could be temporarily done. 

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