Did Sam And Katrina Break Up? Dating Timeline Age And Wiki

Sam and Katrina break up

Sam and Katrina break up announcement news is circulating all over the internet as they made it official that they have broken up. To learn about their dating timeline please keep reading.

Samuel John Golbach, widely known as Sam Golbach, has gained fame as an American YouTuber, Instagram star, and social media personality. He has captured the attention of audiences through his engaging live streams on YouNow and as one-half of the popular comedy duo, Sam and Colby.

On the other side of the spotlight, Katrina Stuart has made a name for herself as a talented Canadian singer, captivating listeners with her captivating covers of popular songs by renowned artists such as Beyoncé, Maroon 5, and Gwen Stefani on her YouTube channel.

However, recently, a surprising announcement from the couple shook their devoted fan base. The news left fans both shocked and saddened, as they witnessed a relationship they had grown to love come to an unexpected end. 

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Did Sam And Katrina Break Up?

Twitter has been buzzing with speculation as fans of internet sensations Sam and Katrina were taken aback by the couple’s official announcement of their decision to end their relationship. The news sent shockwaves through their dedicated fan base, sparking a wave of emotions and conversations across social media platforms.

The YouTuber took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post accompanied by a picture, shedding light on his choice. In the caption, he expressed gratitude for the incredible years they spent together, emphasizing the positive impact she had on his life.

He wrote, “Although we broke up, our relationship has been the best years of my life, and as cliche as it is, instead of being sad that it’s over, I want to be happy that it happened. Katrina, you are the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. You’ve changed my life and made me a better person. I will always cherish what we had.”

Sam and Katrina
Sam and Katrina announced their breakup through social media. (Source: Tiktok)

He further stated, “I will always support you (especially as you become a mega superstar with that amazing voice), and I’ll always love you. And one day, I can’t wait to reminisce about all our crazy stories (as friends).”

Stuart responded to her former partner’s post with her heartfelt message, expressing gratitude for the incredible years they shared. She assured him of her ongoing presence and love, stating, “Thank you for the most amazing years. I’ll always be here and love you (friend). P.S. Don’t get possessed.”

The unexpected announcement of Golbach and  Stuart’s breakup has left their fans in a state of both surprise and sadness. 

Sam And Katrina Dating Timeline 

Golbach and Stuart’s romantic journey has captivated their fans over the years. Let’s take a look at their dating timeline, showcasing the evolution of their relationship:

They embarked on their romantic journey in 2015. Initially, their relationship blossomed from a deep friendship, and they soon discovered a special connection that would bring them even closer.

In 2017, Katrina and Sam gained popularity as they frequently collaborated on videos, showcasing their chemistry and shared creativity. On March 3, they released a parody song titled “Look at my Boyfriend,” which quickly gained traction and amassed over 2.6 million views.

Sam and Katrina
Sam and Katrina first met each other in 2015. (Source: Instagram)

Their love endured, and the couple enjoyed almost five years of togetherness. Throughout their relationship, the former couple shared countless cherished moments, adventures, and milestones, which resonated with their dedicated fan base.

News of their recent breakup sent shockwaves through social media platforms, with fans expressing their heartfelt emotions. Twitter became a space where fans openly shared their support and empathy for them.

Sam And Katrina Age And Wiki

Golbach and Stuart, both prominent figures in the world of social media, have unique backgrounds and intriguing personal histories.

Samuel, the American YouTuber, was born on November 27, 1996, in Leewood, Kansas, in the United States of America. As of 2024, he is 27 years old. He is the son of Kirk Golbach and Cindy Olson. He is the second born among his siblings, with a sister named Allison and a brother named Ben.

He attended Blue Valley High School in Kansas but decided not to pursue higher education. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles, California, to kick-start his career as a Viner and YouTuber.

Sam and Katrina
Sam and Katrina dressed up as movie characters. (Source: Instagram)

Katrina, the Canadian singer, and social media personality was born on September 20, 1999, in Toronto, Canada. As of 2024, she is 24 years old. She is the daughter of Darla and Doug Stuart.

In addition to her parents, she has a sister named Chantale and a brother named Taylor. Throughout her journey, she has built friendships with notable figures like D.J. and rapper Lela Brown, often sharing moments with them on her Instagram.

In 2011, the singer began gaining recognition by posting covers of songs by popular artists on her self-titled YouTube channel. Alongside covers, she also creates original songs and music videos, showcasing her talent and creativity.

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