Meet Paul Bird Kids: Daughter Lexi Bird And Son Frank Bird

Paul Bird Kids

Paul Bird Kids, Lexi Bird, and Frank Bird are mourning the loss of their father, the owner of Paul Bird Motor Sport. His departure has left sports fans heartbroken.

Paul Bird was a renowned personality in the sports world. He owned a British racing team that competed in motorcycle road racing, car racing, and rallying.

Paul Bird was the owner of Paul Bird Motorsport (PBM). Paul used to be a rally driver and motocross rider.

PBM was established in 1996. In recent times, PBM has been leading in the BSB standings with riders Tommy Bridewell and Glenn Irwin.

In motorcycle racing, PBM participated in the British Superbike championship. They started with Kawasaki Bikes but later switched to Ducati.

 In 2016, Paul Bird Motorsport partnered with Be Wiser Insurance. Also, they had Shane Bryne and Glenn Irwin riding Ducati Panigale Rs in BSB.

Paul Bird contributed a lot to make PBM where it is today. Unfortunately, the legend left us and the sports world in 2023.

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Meet Paul Bird Kids: Daughter Lexi Bird And Son Frank Bird

In 2019, Paul Bird got married to Lindsey Birkett in the town of Penrith, Cumbria. Their wedding was filled with laughter and affection.

Paul Bird had three children. Paul Bird Kids include his eldest daughter Jordan Bird, his son Frank Bird, and his youngest daughter Lexi Bird.

Paul Bird Kids
Paul Bird Kids include his daughter Lexi and son Frank. (Source:Popular Bio)

His Eldest daughter Jordan is happily married. Recently, Paul Bird became a grandfather of beautiful grandkids from his eldest daughter, Jordan

Paul Bird’s youngest daughter, Lexi who was just 10 years old at that time was excited about the weekend’s event in PBM. 

Lexi who is now almost 14 years seems to be following in her dad’s footsteps. She might become a team manager in the future.

Paul Bird’s son, Frank Bird is carrying on his father’s love for for wheeled racing. Moreover, Frank has raced in the GT World Challenge Europe Series where he drove a Mercedes Sponsered by PBM.

Paul’s son Frank Bird is not only into racing but also a talented rally driver. Frank is making a name for himself in the racing world just like his dad did.

Paul Son Frank Bird who drives cars like his dad and granddad won’t be racing in the upcoming UK competition.

Instead Of Frank Bird, Alain Valente will take his place. Frank will be needed for the obituary of his father Paul Bird.

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How Did Paul Bird Died?

Paul Bird, the owner of the successful Paul Bird Motorsport (PMB) team has sadly passed away at the age of 56 after a short illness.

Paul Bird Kids
Paul Bird died at the age of 56 leaving sportworld. (Source: YouTube)

Paul Bird’s team achieved many accomplishments in the British Superbike Championship and other racing events.

Paul Bird was not only a team owner but also a talent racer himself. Moreover, he won several Irish Supermoto titles and set a record at eBarbon Hillclimb on a Honda  Cr500.

Paul Bird’s sudden death has left the motorcycle racing community in mourning. A statement from the team confirmed his passing.

It stated that Bird had died after a short illness and had been in the hospital. Bird was not only involved in Superbike racing but also had a significant presence in road racing.

Additionally, Paul sponsored John McGuinness. Throughout the years, riders like Michael Dunlop and Alastair Seeley were associated with PBM.

Paul’s dedication and admiration for Racing were commendable. He has given more than decades for the PBM. 

Paul the epitome of dedication and a great racer will always have a place in our hearts. His demise is a great grief to Paul Bird Kids, friends, and family.

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