Meet Ryan Searle Wife Sophie Cosh: Married Life And Children

Ryan Searle Wife

Ryan Searle Wife has been the most searched topic on the internet, with many wanting to learn about his married life with Sophie Cosh. Let’s learn about it alongside the details about their children. 

Ryan Searle, a professional darts player from England, has left his mark in the darts world with exceptional talent and unwavering determination.

Competing in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events, Searle has consistently displayed his expertise on the dartboard, earning recognition for his remarkable achievements.

One particular moment that grabbed attention was during the 2013 BDO World Masters when Searle made it to the 16 with a controversial victory over Richie George.

It was an occurrence where his dart technically missed the target at ten, but the referee, Nick Rolls, declared it a ‘game shot,’ ultimately giving Searle an advantage and awarding him the win.

Notably, the year 2016 proved to be a turning point in Searles career as he secured second place on the PDC Challenge Tour Order of Merit.

His outstanding performance throughout events earned him a sought-after PDC Tour Card, opening up exciting new opportunities for his professional journey.

Ryan Searle Wife Sophie Cosh: Married Life

The attention surrounding Ryan Searle wife and their married life has piqued curiosity. Let’s delve into their relationship.


Ryan Searle, the darts player from England, has found his life partner in Sophie Cosh.

They exchanged vows in 2012 during a ceremony held in Westleigh, Devon.

Ryan Searle Wife
Ryan Searle Wife is Sophie Cosh. (source: current-affairs)

Despite their status, Ryan and Sophie prefer to keep most of their details private, valuing their personal lives away from the spotlight.

Although not a public figure, Sophie Cosh has chosen to maintain a profile resulting in information about her being available.

Nonetheless, she has played a role in Ryans’s life for years, and their relationship seems brimming with happiness and contentment.

Ryan Searle often expresses his love and admiration for his wife by sharing heartwarming pictures of them on his social media platforms.

These glimpses into their lives portray a couple deeply in love who relish each other’s company and create memories.

Their decision to keep their marriage out of the eye indicates their commitment to nurturing a meaningful bond without the pressures of public attention.

Their mutual respect and affection shine through in the moments they choose to share with fans and followers.

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Ryan Searle Children

Ryan Searle wife, Sophie Cosh, and him have been blessed with the gift of becoming parents.

They have welcomed two children, a daughter named Amelia and a son named Connor, into their loving family.

Ryan and Sophie take their responsibilities as parents seriously, ensuring their children receive all the love, care and guidance they need.

Ryan Searle Wife
After the round 2 match between Steve West and Ryan Searle, Ryan Searle with his son. (source: gettyimages)

While specific details about Amelia and Connor remain undisclosed, it is clear that Ryan and Sophie prioritize protecting their children’s privacy.

They choose to keep their kids’ lives from the eye and focus on creating a nurturing and supportive environment for them within the comfort of their homes.

You can often catch glimpses of the cherished moments this couple shares with their children on media.

These snapshots capture happiness and joy as they navigate through parenthood.

Currently residing in Uffculme, which happens to be Ryans’s hometown, Ryan Searle and Sophie Cosh have created a loving home where their children can thrive surrounded by love and support.

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