Austin Jason Landry Missing Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

Jason landry missing

Delving into the ongoing mystery, the update “Jason Landry Missing Update 2023” brings attention to the ongoing efforts to discover what happened to the Austin man who went missing and the many unanswered questions that still revolve around his case.

Jason Landry was a 21-year-old Texas State University student who mysteriously went missing in December 2020.

He was from Missouri City, Texas, and was a junior at Texas State majoring in chemical engineering.

According to his friends and family, the Texan man was a responsible and driven student who was well-liked by his peers.

At the time of his disappearance, he lived in an off-campus apartment in San Marcos with roommates.

He was known as a nature enthusiast who enjoyed hiking and fishing. On December 13, 2020, Landry left his apartment around 11 pm to drive to his home in Missouri City for winter break.

However, he never arrived at his destination and seemed to disappear that night under strange circumstances.

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Austin Jason Landry Missing Update 2023: Is He Found Yet?

In August 2023, nearly three years after Jasons’ disappearance, authorities are still searching for answers.

The Texas Office of the Attorney General released an update on the investigation in August 2023, but there is still no sign of what happened to him.

The OAG has conducted numerous searches, interviewed witnesses, and analyzed digital evidence and cell phone data but has not found any concrete leads.

Data shows he likely crashed his car in a single-vehicle accident near Luling, Texas, that night. His car was found abandoned with the lights on and keys in the ignition.

Some personal items, like his backpack and clothing, were found on the road near the crash site. But there has been no trace of the missing man himself since that night.

Jason Landry missing
Jason Landrys’ missing posters are being shared online in a quest to locate him. (Source: Facebook)

Authorities have found no evidence of foul play or that the 21-year-old man intended to meet anyone in Luling, and the OAG says it is still an open and active investigation.

But in August 2023, almost three years later, Landry remains missing, with few clues as to what really happened to him after he left his apartment that December night.

His friends and family continue to search for answers and justice.

If you have any information that could be trustworthy and relevant, please reach out to the OAG team at [email protected].

Austin Jason Landry Missing: What Happened?

On the night of December 13, 2020, Landry began the drive from his San Marcos apartment to his home in Missouri City, which normally takes about 3 hours.

Phone data tracked his movements that night as he drove south on Highway 80.

Around 11:24 pm, the young man entered Luling, Texas. As he approached an intersection in Luling, he stopped using his navigation app.

After that point, near midnight, his digital footprint goes dark.

Sometime after midnight, his car was discovered crashed and abandoned on a rural road called Salt Flat Road near Luling.

The car had hit some trees and a fence. Evidence showed it was a single-car accident with no other vehicles involved.

Inside the car, the missing man’s phone was found on the floor. About 900 feet from the crash site, some of his personal items, like clothing, were scattered in the roadway.

Jason landry missing
The search to understand what happened to Jason Landry still goes on. (Source: Facebook)

However, there were no indications of his presence at the location.

Authorities believe the crash happened around 12:30 a.m. on December 14, 2020.

But the circumstances surrounding how and why he disappeared after the accident remain a mystery nearly three years later.

No one knows why Jason would have ended up on that rural road or what happened to him after crashing his vehicle.

The case is still under investigation by Texas officials. Until now, notable breakthroughs have been absent, perplexing investigators and those close to him by his disappearance.

The search for answers continues as authorities vow to keep investigating what really happened to Landry on that strange night in December 2020.

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