Roxanne Barcelo Husband Name Papa Panda Real Name And Kids

Roxanne Barcelo Husband

Roxanne Barcelo husband, Jiggs, has been the mystery man who captured her heart and became an essential part of their beautiful family.

Anne Roxanne “Roxee” Barcelo is a multi-talented Filipino-American artist known for her diverse career in the entertainment industry.

Roxee B’s journey in the world of entertainment began at a very young age.

At the age of eight, she won the “Best of the Best” singing contest in the United States, setting the stage for her future career.

She graced television screens as a child model, featuring in TV commercials for renowned brands such as the Smithsonian Museum’s 150th anniversary, GAP, 4th of July, and JC Penney.

Roxee B is not only a singer but also an accomplished actress. She made her way into the Philippine entertainment industry when she arrived in the country at the age of 13.

Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and performers, highlighting the importance of talent, dedication, and a strong work ethic in achieving success in the world of entertainment.

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What Is Roxanne Barcelo Husband Papa Panda Real Name?

Roxanne Barcelo husband, known affectionately as “Papa Panda” by her fans and followers, is actually a musician and artist named Will Devaughn.

Will Devaughn is a Filipino-American actor and model who gained recognition in the Philippines through various television appearances and endorsements.

He and Roxanne Barcelo have been together for several years and have often shared their love story and adventures on social media.

Roxanne Barcelo Husband
Roxanne Barcelo and her husband celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary in November 2022, marking two years of their married life together (Source: Instagram)

Roxanne Barcelo husband, Papa Panda, as he is known in their relationship, seems to be the perfect match for Roxanne. Their chemistry is evident in the way they support each other’s endeavors and celebrate their love publicly.

They often share sweet and romantic moments on their respective social media accounts, showcasing their deep connection.

Together, Roxanne Barcelo and Papa Panda aka Will Devaughn, make a charismatic and talented couple in the entertainment industry, and their love story continues to be an inspiration to many of their fans and followers.

Roxanne Barcelo Kids

Roxanne Barcelo is a proud mother to her adorable children. She and her husband, Jiggs, welcomed their first child, a son named Cinco, into their family.

Cinco was born on May 22, though specific details about his birth were initially kept private.

Roxanne and Jiggs have joyfully shared glimpses of their parenting journey with their son on social media.

Roxanne Barcelo Husband
Roxanne’s journey into motherhood has been a fulfilling one, and her family life outside of showbiz appears to bring her immense happiness (Source: Instagram)

Roxanne’s Instagram and YouTube channel have become platforms where she documents precious moments with Cinco, celebrating his milestones and capturing the joys of motherhood.

Additionally, Roxanne and Jiggs announced their second pregnancy, revealing that they were expecting another baby boy.

This growing family continues to be a source of happiness and fulfillment in Roxanne’s life, as she embraces her role as a loving and dedicated mother.

Roxanne Barcelo Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Roxanne Barcelo has made a name for herself in the Philippine entertainment industry with her versatile talents, including acting, singing, and hosting.

While her exact net worth may vary and change over time due to her career and investments, as of latest knowledge update she had an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

Her income comes from various sources, including acting projects, endorsements, music releases, and live performances.

Roxanne Barcelo Husband
Roxanne Barcelo success in various fields of entertainment, including acting, singing, modeling, and hosting, contributed to her financial prosperity (Source: Instagram)

Roxanne has been a part of numerous television shows and movies, and she has also ventured into entrepreneurship.

Celebrity net worth figures can change significantly over time due to their ongoing careers and financial endeavors.

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