Ricky Gervais Sister Marsha Gervais, Brother And Family Ethnicity

Ricky Gervais Sister

Who is Ricky Gervais sister? The English comedian’s siblings likely see him as a role model. 

Ricky Gervais is a famous English comedian, actor, writer, and director. Likewise, the famous personality holds an impressive portfolio of creative work.

Gervais has played pivotal roles in co-creating, co-writing, and performing in numerous noteworthy British TV comedies.

A few of his noteworthy works include “The Office” (2001–2003), “An Idiot Abroad” (2010–2012), “Extras” (2005–2007), and “Life’s Too Short” (2011–2013).

Besides, Gervais is a multi-talented artist, creating, writing, and appearing as a lead actor in “Derek” (2012–2014) and “After Life” (2019–2022).

Moreover, Ricky embarked on his comedy career in the early 1980s. Likewise, he initially performed stand-up comedy at clubs in London.

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Meet Ricky Gervais Sister Marsha Gervais, And Brother

Ricky Gervais had a sister named Marsha Gervais. Likewise, he has two brothers, Larry and Robert. Reportedly, Ricky Gervais sister was born in 1948, while his brother Larry was born in 1945 and Bob in 1950. 

Ricky is the youngest among his three siblings. As mentioned by the sources, his sister was a school teacher. Sadly, Marsha passed away after a battle with cancer in 2019, as revealed by his long-term partner Jane Fallon. 

Ricky Gervais Sister Marsha Gervais
Ricky Gervais Sister: The comedian had a sister named Marsha Gervais. (Source: YouTube)

Comedian Ricky Gervais was born on June 25, 1961, in Berkshire, England. Also, Ricky and his siblings grew up in Whitley.

He and his siblings come from both English and French Canadian families.

Similarly, Ricky attended several schools, including Whitley Park Infants and Junior School and Ashmead Comprehensive School.

Ricky took a year off as he worked as a gardener at the University of Reading. Eventually, he attended University College London (UCL) and studied philosophy in 1980.

Besides, he started performing stand-up comedy in London clubs.

After finishing university, Ricky worked on the radio and wrote scripts, continuing his stand-up comedy career. However, his siblings live a low-key life away from the media limelight. 

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Ricky Gervais Family And Ethnicity Revealed 

Comedian Ricky Gervais belongs to English and French Canadian backgrounds.

Reportedly, his father, Lawrence Raymond “Jerry” Gervais, was a mix of French Canadian and Iroquois ancestry, while his mom, Eva Sophia (née House), was English. Besides, his father moved to the UK during World War II.

Despite growing up in England the comedian didn’t feel very connected to his French-Canadian roots. However, he still values his heritage.

Moreover, the actor is curious to learn more about his ancestry and feels proud of his origins. Furthermore, Ricky discovered that his great-grandmother, Marie-Anne Talbot, was from the Iroquois.

Similarly, the talented artist revealed that he feels great to have both English and French Canadian heritage. He believes this mixed culture has helped him become more open and understanding.

Ricky Gervais Religion Explored

Reportedly, Ricky Gervais is an atheist as the actor stated that he abandoned religion when he was only eight.

In 2010, Gervais penned an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal to articulate his stance on atheism.

On the contrary, when questioned about why he doesn’t believe in God? Gervais acknowledged that this endeavor tends to be uncomfortable, time-intensive, and fruitless.

Ricky Gervais sister family
Ricky Gervais sister: The artist is an atheist as he revealed that he abandoned religion when he was only eight. (Source: Fox News)

The actor said: 

Those who hold faith in God generally do so without requiring tangible proof of His existence, and they often resist any evidence to the contrary.

Their conviction remains steadfast, often expressed through phrases like “it resonates with my truth” or “it’s a matter of faith.”

Nevertheless, Gervais continued to explain rationally, as he believed that failing to think rationally would be condescending and impolite.

Interestingly, Gervais’s statement indicated that “he lacks belief in God due to the complete absence of scientific evidence supporting.”

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