Rick Rizzs ATV Accident: Illness And Health 2023

Rick Rizzs ATV Accident

The news of Rick Rizzs ATV accident has left many concerned, prompting them to wonder about his health updates.

Rick Rizzs is an American sportscaster who serves as the primary radio voice for the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball.

From 1975 through 1980, he played baseball play-by-play for Alexandria, Louisiana, Amarillo, Texas, and Memphis, Tennessee, at the double-A level.

At WBNS radio in Columbus, Ohio, in 1981, Rizzs was the station’s sports director. He was also recognized as Ohio’s “Sportscaster of the Year” in 1981 by the Ohio Sportscasters Association.

Furthermore, Rizzs’ health has been a concern since December when he was diagnosed with Grade 1 prostate Cancer.

Recently, another unfortunate incident occurred as the Rick Rizzs ATV accident occurred. 

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Rick Rizzs ATV Accident: Illness

Recently, in July 2023, Rizz was involved in an all-terrain vehicle accident. The incident occurred during the Major League Baseball All-Star break, and he was injured.

All-terrain vehicle mishaps have been occasionally reported in the baseball world, notably the one that took the life of former Chicago White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb at 28 the previous year.

Thankfully, Rick Rizzs ATV accident he suffered this past week wasn’t as severe.

However, he did suffer from a fractured vertebra in his neck, two fractured vertebrae in his back, a fractured rib, and substantial cuts on his head and ear.

Rick Rizzs ATV Accident
Rick Rizzs suffered an ATV accident in July 2023 but didn’t suffer serious injuries. (Image source: Instagram)

Rick said his doctor told him he was lucky because he would have been in trouble if the fractured vertebra had gone into his spine.

He also expresses gratitude to his son, who was present to assist him.

One byproduct of the accident is that Rizz is now eager to preach the virtues of wearing a helmet and seat belt when ATV-ing, neither of which he did on that fateful day, no doubt exacerbating his injuries.

Rick Rizzs Health Updates 2023

As for Rick’s health recovery from the accident, he remains hopeful and anticipates a full recovery, despite feeling sore and just beginning to take short walks around his house.

No surgery will be required,” said Rizzs with ecstatic joy as he received the news from his spine specialist at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, who was the first to inform him about how lucky he was.

As reported by the spokesman, Rizzs expressed his improving condition, which has lifted his spirits and put him in an upbeat mood.

The pain he experienced has started to subside, allowing him to feel more comfortable.

Further, he confidently claimed that he didn’t need his medication to get out of bed every morning.

Rick Rizzs ATV Accident
Rick Rizzs was diagnosed with Grade 1 Prostate Cancer. (Image source Facebook)

As Rick settled back into his home, he expressed his appreciation towards his son, Nick, and Greta Niehaus, the daughter of his longtime partner, Dave Niehaus, as the true heroes who had taken care of him with boundless dedication.

That entails assisting Rizzs with simple but crucial duties like strolling to the mailbox and taking him to his doctor’s appointments.

He says that he has no recollection of the incident. He also has no memory of anything related to the hospital. But he claimed he is currently doing well.

Even Rizzs expressed optimism about returning to the broadcast booth when his homestand ends.

Additionally, he has been amazed by the outpouring of support, particularly the almost one million texts he has received.

John Stanton, the chairman of the Mariners, Jerry Dipoto, Scott Servais, Martinez, and Jay Buhner, a former Marine and broadcast partner of Rizzs, all phoned to express their support.

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