Who Is Phil Willis, Leigh Sales Husband? Wikipedia And Age

Leigh Sales Husband

Leigh Sales Husband has been the most searched topic on the internet, with many wanting to learn about his marital status. Let’s learn about it alongside his Wikipedia and age.

Sarah Sales is a renowned Australian journalist and author, celebrated for her impactful work with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

From 2011 to 2022, she made a significant mark as the host of ABC TV’s esteemed current affairs program, 7.30, captivating audiences with her insightful reporting and interviewing skills.

In November 2022, Sarah Sales was announced as the new host of ABC TV’s esteemed weekly documentary series, Australian Story.

Her selection for this role highlights her versatility and skill in presenting compelling human-interest narratives.


Sarah Sales’ literary achievements shine with her first book, “Detainee 002: The Case of David Hicks,” published in 2007 by Melbourne University Publishing (MUP).

This insightful work delves into Hicks’ case and comprehensively analyzes the detainee policy under the Bush administration during the War on Terror.


It also explores the Australian government’s cooperation during this critical period.

Who Is Phil Willis, Leigh Sales Husband?

Phil Willis is known as the former partner and ex-husband of the esteemed Australian journalist and author Leigh Sales.

Although he was married to a prominent figure in the media industry, Phil remains a private individual with limited information about his personal life.

Leigh Sales Husband
Leigh Sales with her ex-husband. (source: dailymail)

Phil and Leigh Sales tied the knot in 1996, embarking on a journey that lasted over two decades.

During their marriage, they welcomed two sons, marking the start of a family filled with cherished moments and shared experiences.

Despite being part of a high-profile relationship, Phil Willis has chosen to stay away from the public eye and is not involved in the media industry.

As a private individual, little is known about his professional endeavors or personal interests.

In December 2016, after over 20 years of marriage, Leigh Sales and Phil Willis decided to part ways, closing their relationship.

Leigh Sales Husband
Leigh Sales had two kids with her ex-husband. (source: smh)

Since their separation, Phil has maintained a low profile, focusing on his private life away from the public gaze.

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Phil Willis Wikipedia And Age

Despite extensive research, minimal public information is available about Phil Willis, the husband of journalist Leigh Sales.

His age, personal life, and professional details have been kept under wraps, leaving him an enigmatic figure in the public eye.

Leigh Sales Husband
Phill Wills and Leigh Sales with their two sons Daniel and James. (source: smh)

The only confirmed information about Phil Willis is that he was married to Leigh Sales, and they have two children named Daniel and James together.

Sales and Willis have maintained an amicable relationship despite their marriage ending, continuing to co-parent their sons.

In an interview with Stellar Magazine, Leigh Sales expressed her gratitude towards Willis for his involvement in co-parenting their children, highlighting the importance of their ongoing partnership in raising their family.

Sales, a prominent figure in the field of journalism, has undoubtedly faced challenges in balancing her busy work schedule and family life.

In a 2023 interview with Now To Love, she revealed that her hectic work commitments have occasionally meant missing out on spending evenings with her kids and enjoying togetherness on the couch.

While Phil Willis has remained a private individual, it is clear that his relationship with Leigh Sales has left a positive impact on their co-parenting journey, despite their separation.

Their dedication to raising their children together is a testament to their commitment to family, even in the face of demanding professional careers.


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