Rich Homie Quan Dead Or Alive – Death News Real Or Hoax? Age And Family Revealed

Rich Homie Quan

The people on the internet are curious to know if Rich Homie Quan Dead News is real or a hoax. This article will provide you with insights into his age and family.

Rich Homie Quan, the stage name of Dequantes Lamar, is an American rapper. His genre of music is
Hip hop and mumble rap.

The rapper was very interested in reading when he was in school. His favorite topic was literature, and he liked taking creative writing classes, which led him toward writing songs.

However, the singer initially wanted to play baseball professionally and spent more than four years playing baseball while attending Ronald McNair Sr. High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition, the musician also got a scholarship offer from Fort Valley State University, but he decided to focus on his rap interests.

Moreover, Differences, the first track from Lamar’s mixtape Still Going In, was released in 2012, from which he started his professional career as a rapper in the music industry.

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Rich Homie Quan Dead Or Alive – Death News Real Or Hoax?

The death of Rich Homie Quan is a hoax. He is alive and has been active on his social media platforms.

However, there have been multiple times that the fake news of the artist’s death has circulated the internet, as his fans at the concert have reported having encountered shooting multiple times.

Rich Homie Quan
The artist with Kurt Alexander, who is an American radio host popularly known as Big Boy. (Source: Instagram)

On December 13, 2013, during a concert of the artist in Ohio, an unknown person in the crowd fired several gunshots, due to which a 24-year-old male lost his life, according to TMZ.

Similarly, in 2014, the singer experienced the same situation where someone fired a shotgun in New Orleans.

Moreover, it looks like there are people who want to harm the rapper, which is why his fans are worried about his life.

Rich Homie Quan Age – How Old Is He?

The musician was born on October 4, 1989, in Atlanta, the state of Georgia’s capital and largest city. He is currently 33 years old.

The rapper stepped into the music industry in his 20s and has been winning the hearts of millions of people since then.

Rich Homie Quan dead
The American rapper Rich Homie Quan. (Source: Instagram)

However, the singer’s initial plan for his future was not the music industry. He admitted that he enjoyed music as a hobby but never intended to pursue it professionally.

Furthermore, the artist claimed he began seriously considering music as a career after being released from prison for illegal activities.

Moreover, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, T.I., Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne, Kilo Ali, Outkast, and Goodie Mob were among the artists who influenced the singer in his career.

Rich Homie Quan Family Revealed

Famous Face Wiki said the rapper married his longtime girlfriend, Amber Rella Williams. She is a makeup artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

However, the artist has not confirmed the news or posted anything regarding his wedding. The couple has two sons together, Layor L. Lamar and Royal Lamar.

Rich Homie Quan
Rich Homie Quan with his supportive partner, Amber Rella Williams and son Layor L. Lamar. (Source: Instagram)

As per some sources, the singer has three children, but there has been no confirmation from the couple yet, as even on Amber’s Instagram handle, @rella_rellz, where she has only mentioned one of her sons.

Moreover, the artist’s partner seems quite supportive of his career, as she has been praising him on her social media handles.

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