Is Lil Nas X Transgender – What Gender Is He? Sexuality Partner And Family Revealed

Lil Nas X

The public and the media are interested to learn if Lil Nas X is transgender or not. You will learn more about his sexuality, partner, and family in this article.

The American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Georgia named Montero Lamar Hill is better known by his stage name Lil Nas X.

In 2017, American rapper Drake received his graduation from Lithia Springs High School, a public high school on East County Line Road in Lithia Springs, Georgia.

The vocalist later enrolled at the University of West Georgia, majoring in computer technology, but left after only a year to pursue a career in music.

However, the musician put his debut SoundCloud mixtape, Nasarati, online on July 24, 2018. But he gained public attention in 2019 when his country rap single “Old Town Road” went viral on the biggest social media platform, TikTok, where several influencers were making dancing videos to the song.

Is Lil Nas X Transgender – What Gender Is He?

No, the American songwriter is not transgender. Recently, the rapper did joke about being trans when he tweeted that “the surgery was successful,” showing a girl that looked almost similar to him.

However, the tweet has been deleted as his viewers found it offensive and did not like his post regarding the topic. Later, the artist also wrote an apology for offending the trans community on his Twitter account under the user name @LilNasX.

Lil Nas X transgender
The American singer with Lizzo and Ariana Grande. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the sexuality of the singer has been questioned a few times in the past, as he also did a maternity shoot, which was a special way to announce his new album, but many were confused and thought that he was really pregnant.

The rapper has stated that he has been a little insecure about his sexuality on Twitter in 2021. As of now, he hinted on the internet in January 2023 that he might be bisexual, tweeting, “Be fr, would y’all be mad at me if I thought I was a little bisexual?” He has been open about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Lil Nas X – Partner 

The public figure is currently single. He has not been vocal about having any new love interests at the current moment.

It looks like the American artist is focused on his singing career at the moment and doesn’t want much attention in his love life.

Lil Nas X
The public figure who recently apologized his viewers for offending the trans community. (Source:. Instagram)

According to Skwiki, the rapper used to date a background dancer named Yai Ariza. However, he has not spoken about any other relationship other than with Yai. As per the reports, the former couple dated in 2021 and broke up the same year.

Furthermore, since their breakup, there has been no dating history of the singer on record. It seems like he is trying to figure out what he actually wants in his relationship at the moment rather than jumping into it.

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Lil Nas X – Family Revealed 

The American musician was born on April 9, 1999, in Lithia Springs, Georgia, U.S., to father Robert Stafford and mother Shawnita Hathaway.

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X’s dad, who has been supportive of his son’s career choice. (Source: NME)

However, the singer’s parents separated when he was very young; initially, the singer used to live with his mother and grandmother but later moved in with his dad, who was a gospel singer, and as per the report, his mother was a drug addict.

As per the reports, the artist has ten siblings in total: Robert Sleepy (half brother), Jamal Newsome (half brother), Labrock Anderson (half brother), Bianca Hill (older half sister), Shaquisha Hill (older half sister), Lamarco Hill (brother), and Tramon Hill (older brother).




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