Rhed Bustamante Scandal And Photos – Wikipedia Bio Age Revealed

Rhed Bustamante

Rhed is a popular and beautiful actress from the Philippines who won Gawad Urian Award for Best Supporting Actress. Rhed Bustamante Scandal has become one of the most viral topics on the interent lately. 

Bustamante is noted for collaborating on the films Seklusyon (2016), Sunod (2019), and Ang Proinsyano (2015).

Seklusyon, the horror and suspense movie, was directed by Erik Matti, and Rhed was cast alongside Ronnie and Neil Ryan Sese.

Angela Sta. Ana, the child actress, horrified viewers in the 2016 horror flick Seklusyon.
Her other film roles include The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin and Maria Leonora Teresa. 

Rhed Bustamante Scandal And Photos

The admirers and media are eager to know about the recent topic of the Rhed Bustamante Scandal. 

The Filipino actress has tonnes of followers on her social networking sites who are wondering about the photos that went viral.

However, there are no such scandals or photos of her that might disturb her rising career.

Rhed Bustamante Scandal
Just like in another country (Source: Instagram)

Rhed, unlike other well-known celebrities, keeps her private matters to herself and has not been involved in any controversies as of today.

She has been portrayed in several other movies, including FlordeLiza (2015), The Borrowed Wife (2015), After Me (2010), and Endless Love (2010).

So, further information about Rhed Bustamante Scandal and photos are just rumors that are in the internet. 

Rhed Bustamante wikipedia bio 

The winner of the Gawad Urian Award for Best Supporting Actress hails from the Philippines, and she currently resides in her hometown.

She has been in the entertainment industry since her childhood, and as a result, she has gained popularity for her acting and dedication.

The leading actress from the 2016 horror and suspense movie, Seklusyon, is actively engaged in social media platforms, including TikTok.

Rhed Bustamante
Happy Birthday mama! I love you so much (Source: Instagram)

Bustamante has 714k followers on her TikTok account and has over 14 million likes as of now.

She keeps her personal affairs away from the media, and as a result, there is no information about her relationship affairs as of now but she has uploaded several pictures with unknown guy who might be her partner. 

Rhed Bustamante is known throughout the globe for her awesome acting skills and her sweet personality.

Rhed Bustamante age revealed

According to the sources, the young Filipino actress was born in 2005, as of now 2024, 18 years old.

The entertainer from the 2019 movie Sunod is also active on the most popular apps Instagram and Facebook, where she is followed by tonnes of her fans.

She has over 202k followers on Instagram and 30k followers on Facebook.

Rhed Bustamante
Pretty. Hoping to be given a break. He is good at acting (Source: Instagram)

She has shared the beautiful picture of her beloved dog, who died on April 3, 2023, on her Instagram.

The child actress uploads her upcoming projects and movies on her social media accounts.

The actress holds a height of 1.24 metres, and she is the beloved daughter of Cecilyn Ibarra and Lemar Bustamante.

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