Isabel Rivas Husband Richard Vella: Married Life And Kids

Isabel Rivas Husband

Isabel Rivas Husband is Richard Vella, and their journey together is a testament to the enduring power of love and partnership.

Isabel Rivas is a prominent Filipino actress and successful businesswoman renowned for contributing to the Philippine entertainment industry.

Born as Marinella Adad, she is the younger sister of the former actor Dennis Roldan.

Isabel Rivas made her notable entry into the film scene with a provocative role in Celso Ad. Castillo’s sensual movie, “Uhaw Na Dagat,” in 1980.

Her captivating performance began a successful career in the film industry.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Roces graced the big screen with her presence in films such as “Burgis” (1981), “Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap” (1984), “Ang Bukas Ay Akin” (1989), “Barumbado” (1990), “Alyas Baby Face” (1990), and “Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita” (1998).

In 1995, Roces transitioned to television and became a regular on the GMA Telenovela “Villa Quintana,” earning herself a Best Actress Nomination for her remarkable performances.

A significant milestone in her television career came in 1999 when she joined the cast of ABS-CBN’s Primetime Drama “Saan Ka Man Naroroon.”

Her portrayal of a lead antagonist in the critically acclaimed drama showcased her versatility as an actress.

Isabel Rivas Husband, Richard Vella

Isabel Rivas has found companionship and love in her marriage to Richard Vella, a distinguished widower businessman of Italian descent.

As of January 12, 2023, Isabel Rivas is not romantically involved with anyone, highlighting the solidity of her marital bond with Vella.

The couple’s love story unfolded after meeting in a social setting, eventually leading to a joyous union.

While details about Richard Vella’s personal life and career remain relatively private, it is known that he has a son-in-law named Richard Chua, establishing familial connections.

Isabel Rivas and Richard Vella have built a stable and contented relationship.

The couple, currently residing in the United States, shares moments of joy with their family and friends.

Despite maintaining a private profile, Richard Vella has shown unwavering support for his wife’s flourishing career, often accompanying her to various events and functions.

Their enduring companionship and shared experiences reflect the strength of their marital bond, creating a harmonious and supportive partnership that enriches their personal and professional lives.

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Isabel Rivas Married Life  

Isabel Rivas and Richard Vella’s married life is marked by mutual support and shared endeavors.

Despite their private nature, glimpses into their relationship showcase a strong partnership beyond personal boundaries.

Richard Vella, a supportive figure in Isabel Rivas’s life, has constantly accompanied her to various events and functions, emphasizing the unity in their journey.

The couple’s commitment to each other’s well-being is evident not only in their shared moments but also in their supportive gestures.

In 2016, Isabel Rivas demonstrated her support for Richard Vella’s ventures by gifting a house to Nadine Samonte and her husband, a property reportedly purchased by Vella.

This act of generosity exemplifies the couple’s united front in both personal and philanthropic aspects of their lives.

Richard Chua, who is Isabel Rivas’s son, further strengthens familial ties.

While specific details about Richard Vella’s personal life and career remain private, his integral role in Isabel Rivas’s life is undeniable.

Together, Isabel Rivas and Richard Vella navigate the intricacies of marriage, fostering a bond that contributes to both their personal happiness and professional success.

Isabel Rivas Kids

Isabel Rivas comes from a family with notable connections, being one of her mother’s four biological children.

Her siblings include Dennis Roldan, recognized as the father of Marco and Michele Gumabao.

Isabel Rivas Husband
Isabel Rivas is 64 years old as of 2023. (source: philstar)

Another sibling resides in America, adding an international dimension to the family’s composition.

One significant member of Isabel Rivas’s family is Richard Chua, her son. Richard Chua, known by the screen name Ritchie Rivas, has ventured into acting.

Notably, he is married to Nadine Samonte, and the couple has a daughter named Heather Sloane.

This familial connection introduces another generation, and Isabel Rivas appears to be an involved and caring grandmother.

In a generous gesture, Isabel Rivas gifted Richard Chua and Nadine Samonte a house in 2016, showcasing not only her support for her son’s family but also her commitment to providing them with a comfortable home.

This act of generosity highlights the close-knit nature of Isabel Rivas’s family and their shared moments of joy and support.

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