BTB Savage Home Invasion Details – Was He Killed? Case Details And Wikipedia Bio

BTB Savage

People on the internet are curious to know more about the BTB Savage home invasion. This article will provide you with insights on his case details and Wikipedia bio.

BTB Savage is a music artist from the United States. His genre of music is rap, which has gotten a lot of love from the audience.

However, the rapper was in the media headlines a few days ago due to his home invasion case, where he shot the intruder.

Furthermore, the news of the music artist’s death went viral on social media platforms, following it up with the news of his death a few days after the incident.

Moreover, the fans of the rappers are curious to know about the incident. Continue reading for more details on the case.

BTB Savage Home Invasion Details – Was He Killed?

The musician experienced a house invasion on Wednesday night that began with a request from another artist who promised to compensate him for a feature.

However, the other person had a different plan and wanted to rob the artist after getting their way into his house.

BTB Savage
BTB Savage Home Invasion news went viral after he braged about killing the intruders. (Source: Instagram)

When the robber and their crew entered the rapper’s house and started looking around, he grew suspicious. After a quick introduction, one of the group members threatened him and his girlfriend with physical harm if he did not turn over his chain.

Which led them to have a fight, leading to both of them getting shot. However, the musician survived the incident where his girlfriend reportedly shot the intruder to death.

In addition, the music artist took to his social media to brag about the incident and has also deeply explained the situation in an interview with djvlad.

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BTB Savage Case Details

Just one day after the musician’s house invasion case, which he shared on his Twitter and other social media platforms, he was shot to death on Thursday night in River Oaks, Houston.

According to Vladtv, the rapper was found dead at the scene of the shooting when police arrived at the scene about 6 p.m.

BTB Savage
The rapper who was found death on Thursday night in River Oaks, Houston. (Source: Instagram)

As per the sources, the suspects arrived in a black Subaru, while the singer was traveling in a white Mercedes. After several bullets were fired, two suspects exited the vehicle and escaped in an unauthorized direction.

Moreover, there has been no further update on this case, as the police officers are still searching for the suspect.

Furthermore, the fans of the music artist are in shock as it has not even been 24 hours since he posted about himself shooting the intruders that had put his family’s life in danger, and now he is no more.

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BTB Savage Wikipedia Bio – Revelead

The real name of BTB Savage, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, is claimed to be Brian Thompson.

Before enrolling at Churchill High School in San Antonio, TX, the singer relocated to Texas. He was into sports during his high school years.

The rapper dreamed of being a singer since an early age, but due to the financial situation in his household, he was forced to join the military so that he could help improve his family’s financial situation.

BTB Savage Home Invasion
The rapper, BTB Savage, who was shot to death.(Source: Instagram)

However, the artist’s plan to join the military did not work out, as he was arrested for fraud overseas. He later became serious about his music career and focused on it after his release.

Veeze appeared in the rapper’s debut single, Marilyn Manson, which was created by Duvin x Chino. Since then, he has been putting out well-liked records like Scam Party, Break the Bank, and the most recent MoneyBlood, among others.

Unfortunately, the raising-song singer lost his life on Thursday night after he was seen bragging about killing his enemy on his social media platforms.








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