Is Jared Cannonier Muslim Or Christian – Religion Ethnicity And Parents

Jared Cannonier

Is Jared Cannonier Muslim? This question has been on the minds of many fans of the UFC. Jared Cannonier is a mixed martial artist who competes in the middleweight division of the UFC. Find out in the article below.

Cannonier began his MMA career in 2011 and fought for various promotions before joining the UFC in 2015. 

Initially competing in the heavyweight division, he later dropped down to the light heavyweight division and finally settled in the middleweight division.

Cannonier gained significant attention in the MMA community for his powerful striking and knockout power.

He has a background in kickboxing, which is evident in his fighting style. He possesses heavy hands and is known for his knockout victories.

Throughout his career, Cannonier has faced several notable opponents and has had mixed success. Some of his notable victories in the UFC include wins over the likes of David Branch, Anderson Silva, and Jack Hermansson.

Is Jared Cannonier Muslim Or Christian – Religion Revealed

The answer is no. Cannonier has not publicly declared his religious affiliation, but he has given some hints about his spiritual beliefs in interviews.

Jared Cannonier Muslim
Jared Cannonier poses for a portrait during a UFC photo session. (Source: Getty Images)

Jared Cannonier has a distinctive and personal set of religious beliefs. While he was raised in the Baptist faith in Dallas, Texas, he later embraced certain aspects of Hebrew Israelism, which originated from African-American Christians in the late 1800s.

Cannonier views traditional religion as restrictive and fear-inducing, preferring to interpret events through synchronicity and finding inspiration in the teachings of Hip Hop artist Young Pharoah.

Regarding his religious identity, Cannonier has stated that he does not want to label his belief system or associate himself with any specific religion. However, he has stated he respects all religions and does not judge anyone for their beliefs. 

Based on this information, it seems that Jared Cannonier is not a Muslim or a Christian, but rather a spiritual person. Cannonier’s unique approach to spirituality is reflected in his actions. 

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Jared Cannonier ethnicity revealed

Jared Cannonier is of African-American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. He started his amateur MMA career in 2011 and turned pro later that year.

Jared Cannonier
Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier at the UFC 276 press conference. (Source: Getty Images)

Cannonier has fought in three different weight classes: heavyweight, light heavyweight, and middleweight. He has won 16 fights out of 22, with 10 wins by knockout, 2 by submission, and 4 by decision.

Jared has also earned four performance bonuses in his UFC career. He is also known by his nickname “The Killa Gorilla”. He is currently ranked #4 in the UFC middleweight rankings as of 2023.

Jared Cannonier Parents – who  are they?

Unfortunately,  not much is known about Jared Cannonier’s parents or his early life. He was born on March 16, 1984, in Dallas, Texas, but he grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.

He has not revealed much information about his family background or his childhood experiences. He has said that he was always interested in martial arts and that he started training in karate when he was a teenager. 

Jared Cannonier
Jared Cannonier wins the fight over Jack Hermansson. (Source: Getty Images)

Jared Cannonier joined the United States Air Force after graduating from high school and served for nine years as an aircraft mechanic.

Jared Cannonier has not shared much about his personal life outside of the cage. He is married and has three children. His wife, Catherine Cannonier served as a US Army soldier. He met Catherine while they were both serving in the US Army.

Jared Cannonier is one of the top contenders in the UFC middleweight division and a potential future champion.

However, he remains a mystery to many fans and media members who do not know much about his parents or his origins. He prefers to let his actions speak louder than his words and to keep his private life private.

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