Ralph Tresvant Children: Dakari, Mariah, Na’Quelle And Ralph, Wife And Family

Ralph Tresvant

Ralph is an American who is recognized as the primary vocalist of the R&B ensemble New Edition. To learn about Ralph Tresvant children, read the article below.

He also gained popularity as a solo performer and released his first album, Ralph Tresvant (1990), which achieved double platinum status.

Tresvant later joined forces with Bobby Brwon and Johnny Gill to form a new musical group called Heads of State, and they began touring in 2008.

Following a disagreement about finances, New Edition ended its association with Starr’s management and recording label.

They then signed a contract with AMC Records, a major label, which released their eponymous second album.

Tresvant’s smooth and friendly singing style had become a trademark for the group, and they continued to enjoy success with hit songs, including the chart-topping “Cool It Now.”

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Ralph Tresvant Children: Dakari, Mariah, Na’Quelle And Ralph

Fans and netizens wonder about the musician, Ralph Tresvant children named Dakari, Mariah, Na’Quelle, and Ralph.

The musician is a father to four children, and he has two sons and two daughters with his wife, Amber Serrano, as well as Shelly Tresvant.

Dakarri Tresvant, the son of former New Edition lead singer Ralph Edward Tresvant, has achieved fame in his own right.

Ralph Tresvant children
Ralph Tresvant children (Source: Tuko News)

Dakari was born on June 30, 1999, in the United States, and like his father, he is a singer-songwriter.

One of Ralph Tresvant’s daughters, Na’Quelle Tresvant, is following in her father’s footsteps as a singer and songwriter.

The musician’s son, Ralph Tresvant Jr., is also involved in the music industry as a singer. He was born on February 20 and celebrates his birthday on that day.

Mariah Tresvant, the daughter of the renowned singer, has graduated from El Camino Real Charter High School. She was born on September 24 and celebrates her birthday on that day.

Further detailed information about Ralph Tresvant children is not yet public.

Ralph Tresvant wife 

The vocalist of the R&B ensemble New Edition, Ralph’s wife, Shelly Tresvant, had been in a relationship with the singer for 14 years before they got married in 1993.

Shelly had been involved with Tresvant since she was 11 years old. The singer has been married twice in his lifetime.

The New Edition singer married Shelly Tresvant in 1993 after a long-term relationship. However, their apparent blissful married life eventually turned sour, and the couple ended up getting divorced in 1996.

Ralph Tresvant
Who is Ralph Tresvant’s wife? Everything you should know  (Source: Tuko News)

After his separation from Shelly Tresvant, the singer-songwriter went on to marry Amber Serrano in 2004.

Ralph and Amber Serrano got married in 2004 and are approaching their 19th wedding anniversary in 2023.

The couple had already welcomed their son, Dakari when they decided to get married. They officially tied the knot four years after the birth of their child.

Ralph Tresvant Family 

The famous musician was born on May 16, 1968, in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

He grew up in a musical environment with his siblings, LaTonya and André, and they all enjoyed music together.

Ralph Tresvant
Ralph Tresvant Net Worth 2023 (Source: CAknowledge)

When Tresvant was in junior high school, he and his friends Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, and Michael Bivins formed a group and started performing at local talent shows.

They caught the attention of a local producer and songwriter named Brooke Payne, who also managed and choreographed them. Payne discovered the group when they performed at a local talent show in Roxbury.

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