Rae Dawn Chong Son: Meet Morgan Baylis Husband And Family

Rae Dawn Chong Son

People have been searching for Rae Dawn Chong Son and her husband recently. This article will give insight into her son and family.

Canadian-American actress Rae Dawn Chong entered the world of cinema with her debut in the 1978 musical drama film Stony Island.

In 1981, she showcased her talent by starring in the fantasy film Quest for Fire, for which Chong even achieved Genie Award for Best Actress.

Following the debut, the actress took leading roles in several films, including Beat Street, American Flyers, The Color Purple, Commando, Soul Man, The Principal, Tales from the Darkside, Time Runner, and Boulevard.

Additionally, she happens to be the offspring of comedian and actor Tommy Chong.

Also, in 2021, she received recognition from the Women Film Critics Circle as she was awarded the prestigious Invisible Woman Award.

The esteemed accolade was granted in acknowledgment of her outstanding supporting performance in the drama film The Sleeping Negro.

Furthermore, she took on the Florence de Pointe du Lac role in the AMC series Interview with the Vampire in 2022.

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Rae Dawn Chong Son: Meet Morgan Baylis

Rae Dawn Chong became a mother to a son named Morgan Baylis.

The Canadian-American actress had Morgan while she was married to stockbroker Owen Baylis.

Chong married Baylis in 1982. However, their wedlock was short-lived, leading them to divorce eventually.

Rae Dawn Chong Son
Rae Dawn Chong Son Morgan Baylis. (Source: Instagram)

Following their marriage, Chong discovered she was pregnant at 21 and ultimately gave birth to her son independently.

At that time, motherhood brought about significant changes in her life.

She woke up early in the morning to care for her son Morgan and had to halt her wild partying lifestyle.

Her son has now grown up, and their bond is as strong as ever.

Additionally, Morgan has graduated from the reputed Brown University and is on his way to making a successful career.

Their profound connection is evident in Rae’s frequent expressions of affection on various social media platforms.

Meet Rae Dawn Chong Husband

As of 2023, Rae Dawn is in a relationship with Mitchell Long.

The specifics regarding their relationship are currently kept private, with limited information available.

However, the actress has shared numerous pictures of them on her Instagram, showcasing their connection and companionship.

Nevertheless, the actress had been married thrice before dating Mitchell.

Rae Dawn Chong Son
Rae Dawn Chong is currently dating Mitchell Long. (Source: Instagram)

In 1982, Rae Dawn married Owen Baylis, the father of her son Morgan Baylis. However, they ended up separated.

After a few years, she tied the knot with actor C. Thomas Howell in 1989, but the couple also couldn’t last long in their marital life and divorced.

Again in the year 2011, Chong married for the third time with Nathan Ulrich. However, she again faced difficulties with then Rae Dawn Chong Husband, Ulrich, which ended their marriage.

Despite experiencing ups and downs and facing turbulent times in her love life, Rae refused to let her failed marriages define her.

Instead, she forged her distinct path in the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impact and enriching the lives of many.

Meet Rae Dawn Chong family

The actress Rae Chong was born to her parents in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

She was born on February 28, 1961, to her parents, Tommy Chong and Maxine Sneed.

Moreover, Chong has five siblings, one of which is her sister, Robbi Chong, and the remaining three are the actress’s half-siblings from her father, Tommy’s second wife, Shelby Chong.

Rae Dawn Chong Son
Young Rae with her mother and sister Robbi. (Source: Instagram)

She also has an adopted brother named Marcus Chong, who has also pursued a career in acting.

Like Rae, her sister, Robbi, is a Canadian actor and a former model.

Moreover, Chong’s paternal heritage comprises a mix of Chinese and Scots-Irish ancestry, while her mother, Maxine, had Black Canadian roots.

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