Gingle Wang Boyfriend: Who Is The Actress Dating? Relationship Timeline

Gingle Wang Boyfriend

Gingle Wang is one of the most influential Asian Actor popular worldwide. Continue reading to find out about obscure Gingle Wang Boyfriend.

Wang Ching, best known by her stage name Gingle, is a Taiwanese actress and writer who was born on February 7, 1998.

She quickly established herself as one of Taiwan’s highest-paid actresses at the age of 24, thanks to her work in numerous films and television shows.

Gingle started her acting career in 2017 when “All Because of Love” filmmaker Lien Yi-chi offered her the lead part. However, her big break came in 2019 with John Hsu’s psychological horror thriller “Detention.”

She received two nominations for Best Leading Actress at the 56th Golden Horse Awards and won Best Actress at the 22nd Taipei Film Awards for her portrayal in the movie.

Her on-screen appreciation by the fans has now raised concerns regarding Gingle Wang Boyfriend.

Gingle Wang Boyfriend

Gingle Wang is currently dating actor Tsao Yuning. However, Gingle is yet to address anything regarding the subject and does not seem bothered by the rumors. 

However the news was broken out by Gingle Wang boyfriend, Tsao, with the actor admitting to rumors that he is Gingle Wang Boyfriend.

Nothing has surfaced about Gingle Wang Boyfriend through her. (Source: Instagram)

The actor played with the fans’ curiosity when the couple posted similar pictures on their social media of the same place in Japan, without tagging each other or being in the same frame.

The “Kano” actor recently addressed the rumor at an appearance at a marketing event, according to Epoch Times, after internet users observed the incident.

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Gingle Wang Relationship timeline

The couple started dating just a few months before and are deeply in love.

However, upon asking about the future of their union, Tsao said he would let fate decide what would happen to their relationship in the future.

Tsao also revealed that they shared a personal trainer when asked how they got together. The actor was then applauded for being vivacious and kind, and he stated that he is currently very happy.

The photo was possibly captured by Gingle Wang herself. (Source: Instagram)

Akira Tsao Yu-ning is a Taiwanese actor best known for portraying Akira in the 2014 sports film Kano. Prior to his debut as an actor, the artist was a professional baseball player and played for Taiwan at international tournaments.

The actor is 29 years old and was born on April 24, 1994. He is the son of Mr. Tsao Chun-hsiung.

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Gingle Wang Tattoo

Gingle Wang has four tattoos, each of which has a special significance. Gingle has her sister’s name, “Maple,” tattooed on her left arm because she values and loves her dearly.

“Carpe diem,” which means “seize the day,” is the second tattoo. Her favorite tattoo is “Psalm 90:9,” which is a verse from the Bible that reads, “All our days pass away under your wrath; we finish our years with a moan”.

Gingle flaunting in white dress showing her two of four tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

She has a special and significant rose by her mother’s English name on her right upper arm. Her mother loves roses, and seeing them makes Gingle think of how cheerful and serene her mom is.

Apart from that, She constantly tells herself, “No matter what you are going through or suffering from, strive to modify your perspective and hold on. It’s only a sigh, after all, and time moves on”.

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