Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery: Before And After Photos

Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery

Rabiya Mateo plastic surgery has been making headlines recently, adding a new chapter to the life of the accomplished beauty queen.

Rabiya Mateo is a prominent Filipino personality known for her achievements in the world of beauty pageants. Likewise, she is famous for her subsequent endeavors in entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Her introduction to the world of pageantry came when she won the title of Miss Iloilo Universe 2020. Mateo’s grace, intelligence, and charisma captivated the judges and audience.

She made her acting debut in the horror special “Gabi ng Lagim” and signed a contract with GMA Network, becoming one of the talents managed by the network’s Artist Center.

Besides her acting career, Mateo embraced hosting roles on various television programs. She became a familiar face on shows like “TiktoClock,” where she served alongside other notable personalities as one of the main hosts.

Throughout her career, Mateo has continued to inspire and empower individuals, particularly young women, to strive for excellence and pursue their passions.

Her impact extends beyond the stage and screen, as she uses her platform to inspire and uplift others, making her a role model for aspiring individuals in her country and beyond.

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Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery

Rabiya Mateo, the former Miss Universe Philippines 2020, has captured the hearts of many with her grace and beauty.

However, the latest buzz surrounding her personal life centers on her newfound looks and plastic surgery rumors. The beauty queen’s latest look has been making headlines, with fans eager to learn more about her having lip fillers and Botox.

However, Rabiya has shut down her nose job rumors. Likewise, the beauty queen debunked rumors that she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure via a video challenge on TikTok.

Former Miss Universe Philippines titleholder Rabiya Mateo has been the subject of nose job rumors since she won the Miss Universe Philippines title in 2020.

But the beauty queen-turned-actress debunked rumors that she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure.

On September 15, 2022, Rabiya did the “Best Part of Your Face” challenge on TikTok, and the filter she used landed on her nose.

The Tiktoclock: Happy Hour host then pushed the tip of her nose upwards to show she doesn’t have implants frequently used on rhinoplasty procedures.

Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery before and after
Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery: The gorgeous Filipino star looks different in before and after pictures. (Source: ABS-CBN News)

In the caption, Rabiya added with the hashtags:

“Totoo ang chismis hahahaha,” #fyp, #foryoupage, and #nose.

Some of her TikTok followers praised the beauty queen for proving her bashers wrong.

Rabiya Mateo plastic surgery rumors continue to captivate the public, leaving many excited to see what the future holds for this blossoming star.

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Rabiya Mateo Before And After Photos

Rabiya Mateo has been a prominent figure in the Philippines’ entertainment industry. Also, the beauty queen has been making headlines for her surgery rumors.

Mateo is well-known and recognized for her talent and good looks. Hence, her before and after pictures are mostly compared so that fans can know about her surgery rumors. 

Mateo’s high school yearbook photo went viral shortly after she earned the Miss Universe Philippines title. However, many accused the star of having a nose job after seeing the visible difference and glow-up in her photos.

Rabiya Mateo plastic surgery
Rabiya Mateo plastic surgery: The gorgeous Filipino star has denied her nose surgery. (Source: TikTok)

However, Rabiya neither confirmed nor denied the insinuations at the time. Despite her not admitting the fact, her mother, Christine Mateo, defended her and denied the gossip.

Christine revealed GMA News Online in an exclusive interview in November 2020, saying: 

Wala namang retoke si Rabiya.

Whether Rabiya did it or not, the actress sees nothing wrong with beauty queens undergoing plastic surgery. She said:

So you wake up in the morning as a woman, and if you feel great about yourself, you feel very beautiful, then go ahead. We’re happy for you. But there are others who chose to do surgery, and it doesn’t make them less of a person.

First, it’s their money. It’s their own choice. And for me equality is giving everyone, you know, equal decision to decide for themselves.

The multitalented star even pointed out that cosmetic procedures can contribute to a positive self-image. Rabiya also mentioned that women should be empowered to make choices and decisions for themselves.

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