Is Putri Ariani Blind – Disability? Health Update And Bio

Putri Ariani blind and disability

Is Putri Ariani Blind? Learn more about her talent and disability as we will also describe Putri’s health update and bio.

Putri received global attention as she received the golden buzzer in America’s Got Talent (AGT). She appeared in the June 6 episode of America’s Got Talent. Just a couple of days before the episode, she excitedly announced on her Instagram that she had auditioned for the show.

She expressed her anticipation of sharing further details about her enjoyable American experience and invited her followers to join her on the path leading to the stage for @agtauditions.

Despite being born blind, Putri has never allowed that to stop her from pursuing her aspirations.

She stated, “Because I am aware that I am invincible and not invisible, I will never give up. I’m competent.”

“I am strong. I am courageous. I’m extraordinary. During a TEDx talk, Putri stated, I think that everyone has their own potential.”

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Is Putri Ariani Blind – Disability? Health Update

On June 6, fresh performers took the stage for more America’s Got Talent season 18 auditions to earn a “yes” from the judges.

Putri Ariani, a singer, performed during the brand-new show, and her audition will undoubtedly be remembered. The second Golden Buzzer of the year goes to her!

Is Putri Ariani blind? Unfortunately, yes, she is blind. Putri received fame as she won 2014’s second season of Indonesia’s Got Talent.

According to a Daily Mail article, she has been blind since she was three months old. She was born in Yogyakarta and has been facing the challenges. Despite being physically deprived, she learned to play piano and her talent was noted by many. 

Putri Ariani blind
Putri Ariani performing at an event. (Source: Instagram)

After winning, the Indonesian musician was nominated for Best New Artist at the Indonesian Music Awards.

Melihat Dengan Hati, Putri’s debut album, was released in 2020. Additionally, she has a number of songs out.

Since its 2022 release, her song “Tak Manpu Lupa” has had over 11 million streams on Spotify. Her most recent single is called “Kamu Lagi.”

Speaking of her health update, she seems fine and doing well in America’s Got Talent as she impressed the judges, winning the Golden Buzzer. 

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Putri Ariani Bio And Family

Ariani, 17, was born in Yogyakarta. She is highly skilled at the piano. She can also play the flute. She frequently posts videos on her Instagram playing musical instruments and singing.

Putri Ariani bio and age
Reality TV star Putri Ariani receives the Golden Buzzer in AGT. (Source: YouTube)

There are a few details about the talented singer and musician, as she keeps her private details away from the media.

The winner of 2014’s second season of Indonesia’s Got Talent is originally from Indonesia, resulting in her holding Asian ethnicity.

As of the time of writing and publishing this article, there are no details regarding Putri Ariani’s parents and their respective professions.

She wished everyone understood that she was much more than just her condition. Her introduction to the judges and the crowd let her charm shine through.

The vocalist aspired to be a performer like Whitney Houston and wanted to take home a Grammy. The high school girl hoped that she would get admitted to Julliard due to her audition.

Everyone was in awe of the AGT contestant’s performance due to her vocal range, piano prowess, and singing abilities.

The panel of judges and the live audience applauded her performance. Simon stepped up on stage and asked her to sing another song since he greatly enjoyed her voice.

During her second performance, she sang Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word by Elton John. The crowd was astonished and moved by the range of her voice.

Ariani provided a captivating performance that elicited raucous applause from the crowd and another standing ovation from the judges.

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