Proud Boys Member Christopher Worrell Wikipedia And Age: Arrest And Charge

Christopher Worrell Wikipedia

Christopher Worrell Wikipedia page has become extremely popular, as people are eager to know more about his arrest and the charges against him.

Christopher John Worrell, an American far-right extremist, gained notoriety for his involvement in the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the US Capitol as a member of the hate group Proud Boys.

He was arrested just months after the attack in March and faced charges related to unlawfully entering restricted federal property during the incident.

Worrell denied allegations of using pepper spray against police officers but was ultimately convicted in October 2021 of a felony account of assaulting law enforcement amid the Capitol siege.

While awaiting trial and after his conviction, Worrell made headlines again for breaking a finger in jail and contracting a case of COVID-19.

An individual tied to fringe right-wing causes and illegal activity, Christopher John Worrell’s participation during the shocking events of America’s 2021 presidential transition crisis piqued interest in his extremist leanings and views.

His subsequent run-ins with the law have kept him under intense scrutiny for ties to far-right organizations and ideology.

Proud Boys Member Christopher Worrell Wikipedia And Age

Christopher John Worrell, born on June 26, 1971, and currently 52 years old, is a member of the far-right extremist group “Proud Boys.”

A male-only neo-fascist organization based in North America that actively promotes and engages in political violence.

 Christopher Worrell Wikipedia
Christopher Worrell, seen at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 displaying the “okay hand gesture,” linked to white supremacy by authorities and anti-hate organizations. (source: suffolktimes)

The group’s leaders have been convicted for violently opposing the U.S. government and constitutionally-mandated transfers of power.

Worrell participated in the January 6th Capitol insurrection as part of this militant faction.

Afterward, he became the focus of attention at a 2021 Justice for J6 rally.

Activists complained Worrell was receiving inadequate medical care in jail for his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma while awaiting trial on charges related to the Capitol attack.

Although the D.C. Department of Corrections denied issues with his treatment, a judge upheld a civil rights complaint that they failed to provide timely access to Worrell’s records.

Clearly tied to an organization against democracy and constitutionality, Christopher Worrell’s participation with the Proud Boys has drawn intense scrutiny.

His subsequent health issues and complaints of poor jail conditions kept attention on him leading up to his conviction in October 2021 for assaulting police officers amidst the Capitol riots.

For his crimes and association with the radical Proud Boys, this 52-year-old felon continues eliciting strong reactions.

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Christopher Worrell Arrest And Charge

Initially released under house arrest in November 2021, Christopher Worrell sparked a nationwide FBI pursuit when failing to appear at an August 2023 sentencing for assault convictions tied to the January 6th Capitol riots.

Law enforcement agencies issued an arrest warrant and searched for the missing Proud Boys member in various locations across the country for six weeks.

 Christopher Worrell Wikipedia
A photo released by the FBI shows Worrell allegedly using pepper spray on January 6th. (source: suffolktimes)

Worrell was captured by authorities on September 28th, 2023, after numerous warrants and subpoenas were issued based on tips about his whereabouts.

The Justice Department criticized the extensive use of resources in the pursuit of Worrell, who had been openly disregarding the conditions of his house arrest.

His time evading officials brought additional legal consequences for avoiding law enforcement after his conviction.

Ultimately on January 4th, 2024, a federal judge handed Worrell a decade-long prison sentence for proven assaults against police amidst the U.S. Capitol insurrection attempt by militant right-wing extremist groups.

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