Adrian Peterson Beating Scandal: Child Abuse Suspension

Adrian Peterson Beating

Adrian Peterson beating scandal began trending into the news after surprising disclosures of his child abuse case. Let’s find out if the former Vikings running back is suspended. 

Professional American football player Adrian Peterson experienced rage as a child at 7. However, he learned to channel it into sports to some extent.

Peterson hails from Palestine, Texas. Likewise, he was born on 21 March 1985. 

Peterson began his career playing for the Minnesota Vikings in 2007. Similarly, he signed a five-year, $40 million deal with the Vikings. Per the contract, he received an estimated annual salary of $8 million.

Besides, Peterson faced a heavy financial strain. Despite his massive earnings, his wealth was misused. 

During his career with the team, Peterson won several awards, including NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (AP, Pepsi, PFWA).

Also, he received two FedEx Ground Player of the Year, three NFC Rushing Leaders, and two NFL Rushing Leader titles. Likewise, he was named Second-team All-Pro three times and Pro Bowl six times.

Moreover, Peterson set a new rushing record in 2009. He set an impressive record of 5,000 yards. Also, the national team authorities selected him to play in the ‘Pro Bowl.’

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Adrian Peterson Beating Scandal

Former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson served a one-year suspension in the NFL. Likewise, the retired NFL star admitted he sometimes used a belt to hit his son.

In a story on Bleacher Report, the NFL running back mentioned:

I had to discipline my son. So, I spank him sometimes with a belt. There are various ways I discipline my child. This behaviour didn’t let to change me.

Moreover, Peterson mentioned that he disciplines his kids in different other ways, like sitting in timeout, taking away their electronics, or having them do wall squats.

Adrian Peterson Beating
Adrian Peterson Beating: The retired NFL player violently disciplined his kid. (Source: Daily Mail)

However, Peterson pleaded no contest to a reduced misdemeanor reckless assault charge. Besides, he was fined $4,000.

During a two-year probation period, he performed 80 hours of community service. Likewise, the NFL suspended Peterson for a year.

In 2014, NFL then-Commissioner Roger Goodell criticized Peterson in a letter for disconcerting proper remorse for his conduct.

Also, the NFL disciplined Peterson. However, the league was tolerant of what it expected from him.

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Adrian Peterson Child Abuse Suspension

Former American football running back Adrian Peterson served a one-year suspension in the NFL as he was charged with child abuse.

Reportedly, Peterson experienced rage at the young age of 7. Likewise, it was a real trauma for 7-year-old Adrian to see his older brother Brian killed by a drunk driver.

Moreover, his father was detained for a money laundering case concerning drug trafficking.

However, Peterson’s agent, Ron Slavin, released a statement reading:

There is nothing more significant to Adrian than being a good father to his kids. The man learned several valuable lessons in 2014 because of his suspension and counselling.

For his child abuse case, Peterson was suspended in 2014. Similarly, he was charged with felony child abuse for exploiting a switch to spank his then-4-year-old son.

Adrian Peterson’s beating resulted in cuts and bruises all over his son’s body, including his scrotum and buttocks.

Adrian Peterson Controversy And Case Update

Retired American football player Peterson’s lawyer released a report in July 2019 that he was effectively broke. The report mentioned that he turned broke because of “trusting the wrong people” with his wealth.

Moreover, the lender in Pennsylvania sued Peterson. Likewise, he sought a whopping $5.2 million loan repayment.

As the lender’s lawsuit suggested, Adrian used the debt to repay a payday loan firm. Similarly, he sought $6.6 million, including interest and attorney fees.

Adrian Peterson Beating son
Adrian Peterson Beating: The former Vikings player was charged with child abuse. (Source: The New York Times)

Besides, Adrian was expected to repay the $5.2 million as he took the loan at a 12 percent interest rate. According to the loan terms, he was expected to repay in four months. 

Furthermore, the Maryland lender asked him to repay a $2.4 million loan.

Peterson has been involved in several controversies in recent times. Fans are expecting good behavioral changes in his life.  

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