Prince Mateen Ex Girlfriend: Who Was He Dating Before Marrying Anisha Isa

Prince Mateen Ex Girlfriend

Amidst the royal celebrations surrounding Prince Mateen’s upcoming wedding, whispers of intrigue linger about his past, including glimpses into the enigmatic tale of Prince Mateen ex girlfriend.

Prince Mateen, formally known as Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Paduka Seri Pengiran Muda Abdul Mateen, is a prominent member of Brunei’s royal family.

His commitment to service is evident through his role as a major in the Royal Brunei Air Force, showcasing his dedication to his country.

In addition to his royal duties, Prince Mateen has embraced the digital age, garnering immense popularity on social media platforms.

With millions of followers, he provides insights into his royal lifestyle, adventures, and traditions, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Brunei.

Notably, he is set to tie the knot with Anisha Isa Kalebic, an entrepreneur and the granddaughter of Pehin Dato Isa Ibrahim, the Sultan of Brunei’s special advisor.

As Prince Mateen prepares to embark on a new chapter in his life with his upcoming marriage to Anisha Isa Kalebic, the world watches with fascination.

Prince Mateen Ex Girlfriend: Who Was He Dating Before Marrying?

Prince Mateen, being a member of Brunei’s royal family, has often been the subject of media speculation regarding his personal life, especially his romantic relationships.

One notable figure linked to the prince in the past was Maria Poonlertlarp, a Thai-Swedish beauty queen and social media influencer.

Their rumored relationship sparked interest and gossip, with fans closely following their interactions on various social platforms.

Maria Poonlertlarp, crowned Miss Universe Thailand in 2017, gained international attention, and her connection with Prince Mateen only fueled media curiosity.

Prince Mateen Ex Girlfriend
Prince Mateen is the tenth child and fourth son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the reigning monarch of Brunei. (Source: HOLA)

While the exact details of their relationship remained private, their public appearances together and shared moments on social media led to widespread speculation.

However, as with many high-profile figures, Prince Mateen and Maria Poonlertlarp kept the specifics of their relationship discreet, leaving fans to rely on indirect clues.

The focus has now shifted to his upcoming marriage with Anisha Isa Kalebic, as the prince prepares to embark on this new chapter in his life.

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Prince Mateen fiancee Anisha Isa Kalebic

Anisha Isa Kalebic, the fiancĂ©e of Prince Mateen, has emerged as a notable figure in the context of Brunei’s royal family.

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anisha Isa has a diverse cultural background. She is the granddaughter of Pehin Dato Isa Ibrahim, who serves as the special advisor to the Sultan of Brunei.

An entrepreneur interested in fashion, Anisha Isa has become a prominent figure in her own right.

Her engagement to Prince Mateen was announced in October 2023, marking the beginning of a new chapter for both individuals.

Prince Mateen Ex Girlfriend
Anisha Isa Kalebic is set to become the bride of Prince Mateen, capturing the world’s attention with their upcoming lavish wedding. (Source: People)

The couple is set to celebrate their union in a grand 10-day wedding event, attracting attention in Brunei and globally.

As Prince Mateen’s future wife, Anisha Isa brings her unique identity and cultural heritage to the royal family.

Her presence is anticipated to contribute to the rich tapestry of traditions within the royal household, and the public eagerly awaits the celebration of their love and commitment.

Prince Mateen Parents

Prince Mateen is the son of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, one of the longest-reigning monarchs in the world, and his former second wife, Puan Mariam binti Abdul Aziz.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has been at the helm of Brunei’s monarchy since 1967, steering the nation through periods of economic growth and cultural transformation.

As the Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah has played a crucial role in shaping Brunei’s political landscape and ensuring the continuity of its traditions.

Puan Mariam, Prince Mateen’s mother, holds a significant place in the family, contributing to various charitable and cultural initiatives in Brunei.

Prince Mateen Ex Girlfriend
Prince Mateen parents’ unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in shaping his character. (Source: South China Morning Post)

The royal family’s influence extends beyond national boundaries, with Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah representing Brunei in international forums.

Prince Mateen, as one of the Sultan’s sons, has inherited not only his royal status but also a sense of duty to his country.

The family’s position at the intersection of tradition and modernity reflects the challenges and opportunities facing Brunei in the contemporary world.

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