Periodista Carmen Delgado Padre Origine And Familia

Carmen Delgado Padre

The Spanish television industry is mourning the sad news of the demise of Carmen Delgado. Her admirers are keen to know about Carmen Delgado Padre Origine and her familia.

Carmen Delgado was a prominent figure in the world of Spanish Journalism. She was known for her dedication to investigative reporting and ability to connect with the audience.

The late Journalist, Carmen, gained recognition for her appearances on various TVE programs. Furthermore, She contributed her insights on various events, social issues, and human interest stories.

Carmen’s approach to journalism went beyond reporting facts. She had a talent for delving deep into the lives and experiences of her subjects.

She would make her content both informative and emotionally resonant. One of Carmen Delgado’s notable achievements was her role as the founder, director, and creator of the program “Lazos de Sangre.”

This Program, which she led until 2021, showed her unique storytelling style. Lazos de Sangre shared information about the personal histories of well-known individuals.

The show highlighted their emotional journeys, life challenges, and moments of happiness. This approach offered viewers a more profound understanding of these figures.

Periodista Carmen Delgado Padre Origine And Familia

Periodista Carmen Delgado Padre Origine was of Spanish Descent. She was a prominent figure in the Spanish television industry.

She hailed from a Spanish family. The Journalist never talked much about her familia. She must have kept her family away from the public eye.

Carmen Delgado Padre
Journalist Carmen Delgado passed away, causing sadness and misery. (Source: Twitter)

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Carmen Delgado’s determination to shed light on the Mexican drug trade and human trafficking was fueled by the tragic loss of her sister.

Carmen’s sister was the victim of human traffickers. This personal connection drove her to investigate and report on these pressing issues.

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Periodista Carmen Delgado Died: Unknown Cause

Carmen Delgado passed away on August 20, 2023. She left behind a legacy of impactful journalism and commitment to raising awareness.

The reason behind her death is still undisclosed. Moreover, She served as the current affairs coordinator at TVE and created the program “Lazos de Sangre.” 

The announcement was made by Chema M. Lozano, an RTVE journalist in the Region of Murcia, through her social media. The news has generated a significant impact.

Chema Shared her Feelings through a heartfelt tweet: ” Carmen Delgado, the founder of “Lazos de sangre,” has left us forever. A colleague, boss, friend, and beloved woman at TVE. Your departure has left me immensely sad and frustrated that you left so early.”

As Chema mentioned, the Journalist’s family and friends will gather to bid their final farewell on Monday, August 21, at 10:30 am in Brazatortas, Ciudad Real.

Numerous reactions have surfaced on social media in response to this news. RTVE’s official account expressed its condolences for the communicator Carmen’s passing.

Colleagues from the public broadcasting channel also shared their memories of Carmen; Many offered support to her close friends and family.

Carmen Delgado became one of the most recognizable figures on TVE. She regularly appeared in current affairs programs and magazines on the public channel.

She initially started as a collaborator on the show” La manana de La1,” hosted by Mario Montero. Later, Carmen also contributed to the program “Amigas y Coincides.”

Also, Delgado was responsible for directing the San Fermin programs on TVE for several years. She worked as a reporter for the program “Amigas y Cononcidas.” 

However, her most significant achievement was being the founder and creator of “Lazos de Sangre.” Jordi Gonzalez currently hosts this Program in prime time on Tuesdays.

Carmen might be gone, but her legacy will continue to live through each “Lazos de Sangre” episode.

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