PCBPD: Who Is Hunter Hatfield? Shooting Case Update

Hunter Hatfield

Hunter Hatfield is one of the three suspects being investigated in the recent Panama City shooting case. To delve deeper into his involvement in the case, continue reading.

Hunter Hatfield is an individual who has recently gained attention due to his involvement in a shooting incident in Panama City Beach (PCB), Florida.

The incident has sparked widespread public interest and raised questions about Hatfield’s background and the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

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PCBPD: Who Is Hunter Hatfield?

Hunter Hatfield, a 21-year-old from PCB, Florida, has been in the news recently because of a shooting he was involved in.

He is one of three people connected to the shooting case, and there have been serious consequences for his actions.

However, we don’t know much about him at the moment.

The authorities have not given out any more information about him, so we don’t have many details about his background or personal life.

While there is limited information available, it is evident that Hatfield is experiencing repercussions for his involvement in the shooting incident.

Hunter Hatfield
Hunter Hatfield has been charged with tampering with evidence. (Source: newsbreak)

We don’t know exactly how serious those consequences will be yet.

The authorities and investigators are diligently working to gather additional information about Hatfield.

It’s important to stay updated on this situation by following reliable news sources.

As we learn more about him, we will update this article to provide a better understanding of his exact role in the shooting incident.

Hunter Hatfield Shooting Case Update

In a recent incident at Panama City Beach, a shooting took place at the Majestic Beach Towers Resort, resulting in the arrest of three suspects.

The Panama City Beach Police Department responded to a report of an 18-year-old woman from Dallas, Georgia, being shot in the leg.

Hunter Hatfield
Hunter Hatfield is still being investigated in the Panama Shooting Case. (Source: newsbreak)

The victim was transported to the hospital, underwent surgery, and is now in stable condition.

Eyewitnesses initially mistook the sound of the gunshot for a firecracker.

Hunter Hatfield Case Details

Upon investigation, it was revealed that Damien Chhoeung, 20, was engaged in reckless handling of a firearm on the 16th-floor balcony of a condo at Majestic Beach Towers.

Unfortunately, the firearm accidentally discharged, resulting in the victim’s being struck on the beach.

It is important to note that there was no prior association between the victim and the suspect.

In the aftermath of the incident, Elijah Chhoeung, 19, Damien’s brother, was identified as an accomplice in the case.

Additionally, Hunter Hatfield was linked to the investigation.

Elijah attempted to dispose of the firearm by discarding it in the woods off Richard Jackson Boulevard; however, the police successfully recovered the weapon.

All three suspects have been taken into custody and booked into the Bay County Jail.

Damien faces multiple charges, including publicly exhibiting a firearm in an inappropriate manner, possessing cannabis, and tampering with evidence.

His bail has been set at $85,000.

Both Elijah and Hatfield are facing charges of evidence tampering, with their respective bonds set at $25,000 each.

Hunter Hatfield
Hunter Hatfield is one of the three people in the Panama shooting case. (Source: wtvy)

It is worth noting that Hatfield has already posted his bond.

The investigation into the shooting incident is still ongoing, and no additional official statements have been released by the authorities.

The Panama City Beach Police Department encourages anyone with relevant information to contact them at (850) 233-5000.

This incident has understandably raised concerns within the community regarding public safety.

As the investigation continues, the community is eagerly waiting for more information from the authorities.

They hope to see progress in the case and gain a better understanding of what exactly happened during the incident.

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