Paul George Tattoo: How Many Does He Have? Meanings And Designs

Paul George Tattoo

Paul George tattoo have gained the attention of basketball enthusiasts, as he is known to have several tattoos with meanings of their own.

Paul Clifton Anthony George is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA.

Nicknamed “PG-13”, the 8-time NBA All-Star has excelled as a versatile scorer, defender, and MVP candidate during his 12-year career.

After being drafted 10th overall by the Indiana Pacers in 2010, the athlete earned All-Rookie honors and was named Most Improved Player in 2013.

After recovering from a gruesome leg injury in 2014 to remain an elite star, earning All-NBA and All-Defense honors, he played for the Thunder before being traded to the Clippers in 2019.

With his smooth shot, lockdown defense, and highlight dunks, George continues to impact games at the highest level.

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Paul George Tattoo: How Many Does He Have?

In addition to his elite skills on the court, the NBA All-Star has become known for his extensive collection of symbolic tattoos.

His intricately inked sleeves make him one of the most visibly tattooed players in the league.

While estimates vary, George likely has between 20 and 25 tattoos and counting that chronicle his journey.

Paul George Tattoo
Each Paul George tattoo has a unique meaning. (Source: Instagram)

Unlike some players with random designs, every single one of the athlete’s tattoos carries a special meaning about his life and career.

He uses his body art to pay tribute to his family, heritage, religion, and basketball success.

Paul George Tattoos Meanings

Several of Paul George tattoos honor his origins and loved ones. He has Indiana’s 317 area code, and his jersey number 13 represents his hometown pride.

A wolf and spear symbolize his Native American ancestry. Scripture and crosses illustrate his Christian faith.

He also has his daughters’ names and birthdates tattooed, demonstrating his dedication as a father.

These poignant tattoos link to the player’s roots, beliefs, and bonds.

Paul George Tattoo
Given their interesting meanings, Paul George’s tattoos have always piqued interest. (Source: bodyartguru)

In addition, the basketball player maps his NBA journey through commemorative tattoos marking career milestones like All-Star selections and Team USA representation.

His “2X All-Star” and NBA logos celebrate his elite status and success.

One of the most touching tattoos is a lock labeled “Mama,” symbolizing the basketballer’s unbreakable bond with his mother.

It serves as a permanent reminder of the love and support she has given him throughout his journey in the NBA.

Paul George Tattoos Designs

As George’s legendary career progresses, it is evident that his body art continues to evolve.

Each tattoo tells a story, reflecting various aspects of his life and experiences.

Some of his most notable tattoos include a guardian angel, representing the protector in his life, and the phrase “City of Dreams” as an homage to his hometown, Los Angeles.

On his right elbow, the numbers “05,” “02,” and “90” are inked, representing his date of birth, May 2, 1990.

Next to the numbers is a design resembling a bull’s head, symbolizing his zodiac sign, Taurus.

On his right wrist, the number “661” is tattooed, paying homage to his hometown of Palmdale.

It is the area code of the place where he was born, and it stands as a constant reminder of his roots.

Continuing the tribute to Los Angeles, the inside of the player’s right forearm bears a stone tattoo with the number “14” on it.

This design represents US Route 14, a highway that runs through California, connecting him to the city he represents as an athlete.

Paul George Tattoo
Paul George’s tattoos were inspired by his sports career and family ties. (Source: Instagram)

Both of the athlete’s hands have striking beast tattoos. His right hand features the face of a lion, while his left-hand displays the face of a tiger.

These tattoos represent his love for these animals and symbolize the NBA player’s fierce and competitive spirit when he’s on the basketball court.

One of the most visually captivating tattoos on Anthony’s body is on the upper side of his left forearm, where a design of chess pieces merges with a checkered board.

A large chess piece of the King takes center stage, accompanied by the words “Crown me” above it and a tiny crown above the word “me.”

This intricate tattoo represents Clifton’s ambition and determination to dominate basketball and become the next King of the sport.

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