Meet Jelly Roll Parents E.P. La Menthe and Louise Monette: Siblings And Family Tree

Jelly Roll parents

Jason Bradley DeFord is a versatile American singer and songwriter, widely recognised as Jelly Roll. Who are Jelly Roll Parents? Find out. 

In 2023, the successful musician achieved significant recognition, securing three CMT Music Awards for his exceptional track titled “Son of a Sinner.”

On December 9, 2020, Jelly achieves a remarkable feat by selling out Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, drawing a crowd of 15,000 enthusiastic fans.

The event featured captivating performances not only from Jelly Roll but also from renowned artists like Chris Young, Sam Hunt, Riley Green, Shinedown, and many more.

Moreover, in the upcoming summer of 2023, he is all set to embark on his “Backroad Baptism Tour,” encompassing 44 cities.

At the 2023 CMT Music Awards, he showcased his exceptional talent and received three well-deserved accolades.

The three awards were Male Video of the Year, Male Breakthrough Video of the Year, and Digital-First Performance of the Year, all for his acclaimed song “Son of a Sinner.”

Furthermore, on June 2, 2023, the musician released his album titled “Whitsitt Chapel,” featuring the captivating single “Need a Favour.”


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Meet Jelly Roll Parents E.P. La Menthe and Louise Monette

The popular musician Jelly Roll parents are Martin-Edouard Joseph Lamothe and Louise Monette.

Jelly’s father was Martin-Edouard Joseph Lamothe, sometimes referred to as Edward Joseph Lamothe, who worked as both a bricklayer and an occasional trombonist.

On the other hand, his mother, Louise Hermance Monette, worked as a domestic worker.

According to sources, Jell Roll parents were never formally married, and when he was approximately three years old, his father departed from his mother’s life.

Jelly Roll parents
Jelly Roll parents are Martin-Edouard Joseph Lamothe and Louise Monette (Source: Instagram)

In contrast to many other celebrities, Jelly maintains an active presence on social media platforms, using them as a means to connect with his fans.

Notably, he frequently shares heart-warming pictures and video clips featuring his beloved mother.

Based on the content on his Instagram account, it can be inferred that his mother’s birthday falls on May 23.

The bond between Jelly and his mother is clearly strong and filled with affection.

He openly expresses his love for her, and in turn, his mother takes immense pride in her son’s remarkable achievements in the music industry.

Jelly Roll siblings

Jelly Roll, the well-known rapper and singer, has siblings named Scott DeFord, Roger DeFord, and Shelby DeFord.

Despite being related to a prominent figure, his brothers and sister have made a conscious decision to keep their lives private and away from public scrutiny.

Details about their personal lives remain scarce since they have opted to deactivate their social media accounts and avoid granting interviews to the media.

Jelly Roll parents
Little details about Jelly Roll siblings are available (Source: Instagram)

This intentional distance from the limelight allows them to maintain a sense of privacy and separation from their brother’s fame, choosing to lead their lives away from the public eye.

Nevertheless, the siblings maintain a strong family bond, even as they have chosen diverse career paths and developed their own unique personal interests.

The siblings’ connection remains strong, highlighting the enduring bond of their family relationship despite limited public knowledge about their individual pursuits.

Jelly Roll family tree

The rapper and singer is happily married to Bunnie DeFord, also known as Bunnie XO.

Prior to his current marriage, he had been in previous relationships, which resulted in the birth of his two children—a daughter and a son.

Jelly Roll parents
Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie DeFord (Source: Instagram)

There is limited public information about Roll’s past relationships and his children, but his strong commitment to family and sense of responsibility towards his kids is evident.

Despite the challenges that may come with blending families, his commitment to his wife and children reflects his dedication to creating a loving and supportive environment for them.

His journey as a husband and father remains an important aspect of his life, even as he continues to excel in his music career.

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