Patsy Kensit Facelift And Plastic Surgery Details – Age And Boyfriend 2023

Patsy Kensit Facelift

Patsy Kensit facelift and plastic surgery details are the current trending topic on the internet, as her fans are interested in learning more about Patsy Kensit’s domestic surgery. Read the article to know everything she has shared.

Patricia Jude Kensit is an English actress and was the lead singer of the pop band Eighth Wonder in the 1980s.

When Kensit appeared in numerous Birds Eye frozen peas commercials, the public noticed her. She has been noticed in movies such as The Great Gatsby, Gold, Alfie Darling, and many more.

Kensit got her breakthrough in the film Absolute Beginners where she portrayed the role of Suzette in and as Rika van den Haas in Lethal Weapon 2.

She was known for her charismatic stage presence, and unique voice, which helped her and her band gain a loyal fan following.

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Patsy Kensit Facelift And Plastic Surgery Details

Numerous rumors are circulating on the internet stating the English actress from Lethal Weapon 2 has undergone multiple plastic surgeries such as facelift, botox, and many more.

When she was asked in an interview whether she had plastic surgery, she said she wouldn’t  “rule it out” in the future but was not “at that place” just yet.

The actress confirmed that she used to have botox injections, but she has stopped using them because of her career.

She said, “I’ve had Botox in the past, but I don’t know because of work. I want to look the best I can for the age that I’m at, so I don’t do anything.”

Patsy Kensit Facelift
Patsy Kensit exercises which is the reason for her perfect physical appearance. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she added, ” I can’t stand bullying or body shaming, and I’ve had all of that over the years, and it doesn’t affect you.”

This rumor began due to her healthy physical appearance. She has also cleared this rumor when she stated that she runs daily and does cardio.

In addition, to those exercises, she also said she eats healthy foods and drinks lots of water, and she also avoids the direct sun as it can damage the skin.

Patsy Kensit Age – How Old is she?

Patricia Jude Kensit was born on 4 March 1968 in Lambeth, London, England. She was born to James and Magaret Rose Kensit at the General Lying-In Hospital.

According to her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Pisces, and as she was born in England, she is British by nationality. She will be 54 years old in 2023.

Her father had earned the nickname “Jimmy the Dip” as he was a close friend of the Richardson Gang and the Kray Twins, who participated in the Great Train Robbery.

He went to prison before she was born, and he used to pretend to be an antiquities merchant. Her paternal grandfather was a robber and counterfeiter.

Patsy Kensit Facelift
Patsy Kensit in the Holby City. (Source: Instagram)

The actress’s childhood was not as pretty as her career because she lived on a council estate in Hounslow and had to sleep on a mattress on the floor.

She attended Newland House School, St Catherine’s School, Twickenham, and Corona Theatre School.

Furthermore, Kensit started her career at the age of four in a TV advert for Birds Eye frozen peas. She acted in various movies in the 1970s, such as The Great Gatsby and Gold, and her performance in Hanover Street earned her a nomination for the Young Artist Award for Best Juvenile Actress. 

Who Is Patsy Kensit Boyfriend In 2023

Patsy is currently engaged to her boyfriend Patric Cassidy. She made this announcement via her Instagram.

Patsy posted a picture of the joyful occasion with the words “I said Yes” after posting a video of the proposal on the beaches at dusk.

Furthermore, the picture is shown while her finance kneels for her. They are encircled by a red seaweed love heart.

After her partner proposed, she posted an Instagram video to her social media showcasing the big diamond ring he had given to her.

Patsy Kensit Facelift
Patsy Kensit flexes her engagement ring(Source: Mirror )

A romantic picnic takes place in a beach hut as “I Only Have Eyes for You” by The Flamingos plays over the footage as she shows her new engagement ring to the camera and walks back into the heart. The camera then pans around to reveal the scene.

Moreover, her son Liam Gallagher who she shares with her ex-husband Oasis’s Liam Gallagher, expressed his love for his mother by leaving the comment “Love you mum” on the page.

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