Is Sindi Dlathu Sick 2023? What Happened To Her Illness And Health

Sindi Dlathu Sick

Is Sindi Dlathu sick? Her latest illness update excites everyone as her supporters wonder if she suffers from a prolonged health battle.

Sindi Dlathu is a famous South African actress and musician. Likewise, she is popular for her various film and television shows, Sarafina!, Soul City, Khululeka and The River.

The 49 years old actress rose to prominence for her role as Thandaza Mokoena on Muvhango. She portrayed the role from the show’s inception in 1997 to 2017. 

Dlathu was born on 4th January 1974. Moreover, she hails from Meadowlands, Soweto, South Africa.

Fans know her as Alashnirkov and Madlabantu. Moreover, she began her career in 1988 and continues her amazing work to this day. 

Also, Dlathu is a musician and has released The River Song on various platforms.

The gorgeous actress tied the knot with Okielant Nkosi. She joined Instagram and began her journey as a digital media influencer.

Dlathu has gained over 762 thousand followers on the platform. 

Besides, she received the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in Telenovela title twice.

Similarly, she has won several awards, including a DStv MVC Award for Best Actress in Telenovela and two Royalty Soapie Awards.

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Is Sindi Dlathu Sick? Illness And Health Update 2023

Yes, Sindi Dlathu is sick. Her HIV status news went viral as the South African star portrayed a role of an HIV-positive patient in Soul City.

She has left many inspiring memories behind. Here’s more about her latest health update and HIV status.

Sindi Dlathu, aka Thandaza from Muvhango, had one of the most damaging rumors about her HIV status. However, the actress doesn’t suffer from the disease in real life. 

Many show fans concluded that Dlathu is HIV positive based on her reel characters, but the reality differs in real life.

In the show, her character’s treatment somehow proved ineffective. However, no news of the actress’s treatment has proven valid.

Sindi Dlathu Sick
South African actress Sindi Dlathu’s HIV status went viral on social media. (Source: YouTube)

In February 2021, Dlathu revealed how she felt working with Iarona Moagi.

In 2019, Dlathu hinted in an interview that she enjoys a healthy diet and lifestyle.

She embraces her fitness journey as a transformative divine intervention to celebrate a slower pace of life.

The lady is renowned for her unique voice and popular track “The River Song” theme. No doubt, Dlathu earned widespread recognition.

Despite her departure from the show, Dlathu’s HIV status eventually led to widespread debate on online platforms.

The South Africa-based actress candidly discussed her character’s HIV battle, revealing an unwavering determination to endure despite significant challenges.

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Sindi Dlathu Fitness Journey And Transformation

Regarding the famous Lindiwe The River star’s fitness routine, fans want to know about Dlathu’s dramatically healthy body weight condition at 49 years of age.

According to a Sowetan LIVE article published in 2019, the actress revealed she slammed beauty products for using her picture in advertising without her permission.

The actress took matters straight after a beauty brand named Nulante Anti-Aging used her snap in advertising without her consent.

Sindi Dlathu Sick
Sindi Dlathu prefers to keep her health update under wraps. (Source: HuffPost UK)

However, Sindi Dlathu has rarely mentioned her diet plans and fitness regime to the media.

But one thing is for sure. The actress follows a healthy diet looking at her current body tone.

As suggested by a few medical experts, reduced calorie count can be one of the healthy signs. Also, a nutritional diet keeps the actress’s health in check. 

Television and film personalities mainly lose weight to fit into roles, affecting their physical and mental health.

Dlathu seems to have a stringent daily schedule and a diet plan but refuses to share it. Subsequently, the talented actress is too busy to share her fitness plans.

The South African’s fit body showcases that she might have a more laid-back attitude towards food, mainly carbs.

Regarding her incredible figure graced on various magazine covers, her secrets could be staying motivated to be fit.

The graceful actress’s talent and accomplishments should be the focus of attention rather than speculations about her health journey.

As of now, she stays away and doesn’t consider these matters.

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