Patrick Ta Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photos 2023

Patrick Ta Weight Loss

Witnessing Patrick Ta weight loss journey depicts his hard work and perseverance. His subsequent rise as a makeup artist to the stars is undeniably inspiring.

Patrick Ta is a cosmetic artist, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and social media influencer. He is well-known for co-founding the cosmetics company Patrick Ta Beauty with Rima Minasyan.

He is also widely recognized for his work as a makeup artist for celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Ariana Grande, and others.

Grew up in his native town San Diego, California, Patrick Ta began his profession as a freelance makeup artist when his nail business in Arizona went bankrupt.

Ta began by publishing his artwork on Instagram, which helped him gain recognition, but everything changed when Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell contacted him.

Ta’s fame surged, and he became the go-to makeup artist for some of today’s biggest celebrities.

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Patrick Ta Weight Loss Journey

Many popular personalities inspire their fans with their fantastic weight-reduction journeys, demonstrating that anybody can reach their fitness goals with commitment and hard work.

Patrick Ta’s weight loss experiences, going from chubby childhood photographs to being an influential make-up artist.

Back then, during his childhood years, he was quite chubby, carrying a heavy weight both physically and emotionally.

He has shared a short clip on his Instagram showcasing an old photo of himself.

Patrick Ta Weight Loss
Patrick Ta was chubbier during his old days. (Image source: Instagram)

Looking at those old pictures brings back memories of a young boy who desperately wanted to be loved and feel loved, all while struggling with a lack of confidence in his own looks.

Maybe he will have to go through a lot since the issue of childhood obesity is so prevalent, as fat children often face bullying and discrimination from their peers.

This can lead to various emotional and psychological challenges, impacting their self-esteem and overall well-being.

Bullying fat children can have long-lasting negative effects on their self-esteem and mental health.

He even dropped out of high school. Later, he realized life could be so much better and started his new life, focusing on himself.

Patrick Ta Before And After Photos 2023

As makeup artist Patrick Ta’s weight loss journey is noticeable when you compare his older photos with his new ones, you can easily spot the differences.

However, the details regarding the process he underwent to shed those pounds are not disclosed properly.

It’s inspiring to see how Patrick Ta’s dedication to his weight-loss journey has transformed his appearance.

We can also see that he went through surgeries to enhance his physical features, such as chin surgery.

Patrick Ta Weight Loss
Patrick Ta before his surgery. (Image source: coveteur)

Moreover, when you compare his current appearance to his older photos, his lips also seem to look quite different, appearing slightly plumper.

His flawless complexion and wrinkle-free skin raised suspicions that he had undergone botox injections and other enhancements.

Patrick Ta Road to Glamour

Regarding altering his professional path, Patrick Ta never allowed fear to hinder his ambitions as a makeup artist.

Before his time in the spotlight, he was naturally drawn to cosmetics because of their ability to boost self-confidence.

He grew up in a typical family where material possessions were unimportant. As previously stated, the artist struggled with concerns about weight and identity during his adolescence.

Ta struggled with the strain of being different from his colleagues and classmates as an Asian American.

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